Sons of Mary

Sons of Mary

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Sons of Mary provides a high energy rock show rooted in blues, hard rock and reggae music. We have a deep repertoire of covers as well great original material. Our music appeals to people of all age groups and all musical tastes. We have a very dedicated fan base that always give us a great turnout.


Sons Of Mary is an American Rock band formed in Chicago, IL. The group consists of Donald Bond Moreland on guitar and vocals, John Strand on bass, Santino Carbonaro on guitar and Dallas Moreland on drums. The band is currently an independent act releasing their first album Cardiac Unrest. Dabbling in all genres, the bands main goal is helping revive the blues sound their hometown in known for and making it a global radio staple.


6 Inches From the Heart EP
Calling Me Home
Erase My Heart
The Volume Of My Soul
Shots Ring Out

Set List

A typical Set would include a mixture of Covers and Originals depending on the situation and atmosphere and a set can range from 1 to 3 hours.
Shake for Me
City Lights
I Cant Fix This
Shots Ring Out
The Volume of My Soul
Break You
Whats your Name
Save the Day
Running Away
Pieces of Wood
Calling Me Home
Erase My Heart
Covers include:
kings of Leon
Van Morrison
Rage Against the machine
Gavin Degraw
Jason Mraz
Jimi Hendrix
Pearl Jam
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Eric Clapton