Sons of Maxwell

Sons of Maxwell

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
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Brothers Don and Dave Carroll are true entertainers whose music has literally taken them around the world. Their energetic performances are highlighted by a great sense of humour, their signature harmonies, and original Pop-Folk story songs.

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Sons of Maxwell blend original music & the best holiday standards on their brand new CD! Christmas Super Deluxe, released in November 2012.

Don & Dave Carroll began their music career in University when they started a singing duo and they have not slowed down since. With much dedication and spirit, the 'Don and Dave Show' evolved into the ECMA award-winning band Sons of Maxwell (S.O.M.). The band's namesake comes from their father Max.

Dave Carroll has written, recorded and released over 40 original songs on the band's ten CDs, shared in multiple nominations and awards and the band has toured North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

S.O.M.’s energetic performances are highlighted by a great sense of humour, their signature harmonies and original Pop-Folk songs. The strength of the duo is built upon its diversity. The fact is, what sets them apart has also made them so popular with such a broad spectrum of people. They have done prolific work and have developed a large, dedicated fan base. Sons of Maxwell have been nominated for 5 East Coast Music Awards and have won 2 ECMA’s (one in 2006 with Sunday Morning for Country Album of the year and in 2002 with Among the Living for Roots Traditional Group of the year).

Along with their long and successful joint career in S.O.M both the Carroll brothers have individual musical interests. Dave released his first solo album 'Perfect Blue' in 2008 and 'Raincoat in Vegas' in 2012. Don has followed his love of jazz standards, putting together a swing band and also released an album of his own, 'Valentine Delivered.'

Most recently, the band's talent was introduced to millions when Dave Carroll's 2009 anthem 'United Breaks Guitars’ became a worldwide sensation. The song chronicled Dave's experience in the customer service process with United Airlines. His creative use of social media to share that message as an Independent Musician, has reached over 150 million people. As the #1 most watched YouTube Music Video in the world in July 2009, United Breaks Guitars has been called ‘one of the most important [videos] in Google’s history,’ and became a metaphor for change and innovation.

The United Breaks Guitars trilogy has awakened companies everywhere to the importance of focusing on the customer and on delivering exceptional customer experience.

Dave has been featured in major news media around the world (including ABC’s ‘The View,’ ABC’s 20/20, CNN, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone Magazine, Wall Street Journal & BBC to name a few). Several case studies and book references about United Breaks Guitars have been published including one’s by Harvard Business School, University of Toronto and a Thesis by Allison Soule for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On February 16th, 2011, Dave Carroll and United Breaks Guitars were featured as part of a question/answer on the hit show Jeopardy.

Dave has testified (and sung) on Capitol Hill in Washington, delivered keynotes at Columbia University’s Brite Conference, TedX Hoboken, NewComm Forum, Mesh Conference, Atlantic Brand Confabulation (with Gene Simmons), SXSW Interactive, The Power of PR CPRS Conference, G-Force Prague, G-Force Melbourne & other significant customer service & corporate events (including for RightNow Technologies & Sandvik Coromant).

In May, 2012 Dave Carroll wrote a book about his customer experience called, “United Breaks Guitars: The Power of One Voice in the Age of Social Media”, published by Hay House Publishing. Whether you are a guitarist, a baggage handler, or a boardroom executive, this book will entertain you and remind you that we are all connected, that each of us matters, and that we all have a voice worth hearing.

In 2010 Dave's song and video 'Everyday Heroes' was released on In a world where broken promises are commonplace, when it counts most, there are people willing to help strangers because they gave their word that they would. The essence of 'Everyday Heroes' is about these individuals keeping their promise to respond, regardless of who is in need or the unknown risks that may await the First Responders. As a volunteer firefighter himself for 5 years, Dave wrote ‘Everyday Heroes’ after being challenged by a friend to honour those who answer the call.

Often called 'the nicest guys in the business' Don and Dave continue to deliver high energy quality entertainment that is both relevant and accessible to live music fans of all ages. With a large and loyal fan base and several industry awards behind them, they continue to record and tour music halls, theaters and festivals.


Hold On

Written By: Dave Carroll

Abigail how are you today
I’m sorry that I’m a little late
I know what you’re going through
Please don’t cry when you look at me
I realize that I’ve done a thing
I swore I’d never do

And I know this place is anything but a home
But I’m getting older and I can’t take care of you alone

So, Hold on to your memories Abby
As long as you can
But if you forget don’t despair for I will understand
And I will tell you the stories
Of when we were Queen and King
And I’ll say that in our 40 years I wouldn’t change a thing

The nurses say you are doing well
They may be right but it’s hard to tell
They’ve only just met you
They’ve never seen or heard you laugh
We’ll have to show them the photographs
So they can know you too

And we can tell them of all the great things that you’ve done
And introduce them to our daughter and our two grandsons

Oh the ship I’m on is sinking and I’m feeling lost and blind
And it scares me into thinking that if you leave it’s me you leave behind
Oh Abby don’t you leave me behind


Whole Lot Lighter

Written By: Dave Carroll

We’ve been over and all through it
Now we’re finally gonna do it
And it’s tougher than I thought it’d ever be
I wish that I could hate her
If only I could break her
To see the world the way I want it seen
And it’s likely she would say the same of me

When my load gets a whole lot lighter
And my head gets screwed on tighter
And the time they say’s required passes by
When I won’t belong to her no more
And I can tear my eyes from the closing door
It’s then I’ll know for sure that I’ll survive

We had momentary glances
At second and third chances
And in between they’d always disappear
No I find myself acceptin’
That we’ve gone in two directions
And I question where the hell I go from here
And when the sky above me’s gonna clear


The hardest part of lettin’ go
Is it ain’t so cut and dry
You do the thing that’s hard to do
And you tell yourself it’s right
And then you second-guess yourself
As you lie alone at night
And wonder how you ever said goodbye


Like You Do

Written By: Dave Carroll

I bustin’ at the seams
Girl I can’t conceal
You come on like a dream meltin’ down this man of steel
The heat is risin’ and there’s no one else who makes me feel
Like you do

I know I’ve played around
And is that such a crime
My reputation has preceded me from time to time
But there’s never been someone who’s made me walk the line
Like you do

There are more deserving men of you I will concede
But I’m in hot pursuit of more than any man should need
And no girl has ever filled my heart with half the greed as you do

I cannot tell a lie
And if I may confess
My redemption is in you my sweet Miss Holiness
No one takes me to an utter state of breathlessness
Like you do


United Breaks Guitars

Written By: (c) 2009 Dave Carroll

Written by Dave Carroll (SOCAN)
(c) 2009 Dave Carroll

I flew United Airlines on my way to Nebraska
the plane departed Halifax connecting in Chicago's O'Hare
while on the ground a passenger, said from the seat behind me
"My God they're throwing Guitars out there”

The band and I exchanged a look, best described as terror
at the action on the tarmac and knowing whose projectiles these would be
So before I left Chicago, I alerted three employees
who showed complete indifference towards me

United United
You broke my Taylor Guitar
United United
Some big help you are
You broke it, you should fix it
You're liable just admit it
I should have flown with someone else, or gone by car
cause United Breaks Guitars

When we landed in Nebraska, I confirmed what I'd suspected
my Taylor'd been the victim of a vicious act of malice at O'Hare
so began a year long saga of pass the buck don't ask me
and I'm sorry Sir, your claim can go no where

So to all the airlines people, from New York to New Deli
including kind Ms. Irlweg who says the final word from them is “No”
I've heard all your excuses and I've chased your wild gooses
and this attitude of yours I say must go

United United
You broke my Taylor Guitar
United United
Some big help you are
You broke it, you should fix it
You're liable just admit it
I should have flown with someone else, or gone by car
cause United Breaks Guitars

Well I won't say that I'll never fly with you again cause maybe
to save the world I probably would, but that won't likely happen
and if it did I wouldn't bring my luggage cause you'd just go and break it
into a thousand pieces just like you broke my heart when United Breaks Guitars

United United
You broke my Taylor Guitar
United United
Some big help you are
You broke it, you should fix it
You're liable just admit it
I should have flown with someone else, or gone by car
cause United Breaks Guitars

Ya United Breaks Guitars
Ya United Breaks Guitars


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Set List

For the most part live performances feature Sons of Maxwell original songs from their 9 recordings however they make good use of their large Celtic/Maritime repertoire round out their set. Sons play theatre concerts in the form of 2 x 45 minute sets but depending on the venue they can perform for longer than two hours if need be.