Sons of Messengers

Sons of Messengers

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Sons of Messengers are a young, online, DIY band. We believe in independence and originality.
We write, record, produce, mix and master our own music.
We aim to connect directly with our audience. We want our fans to participate in our story. We sound like a fusion of INXS, Bowie and the Beatles.


Sons of Messengers are a genuinely independent, DIY band. Born on the internet, they believe in making music to help people connect and to capture the spirit of the times. The trio throw their personalities into everything they do by recording and distributing all their own music. Sons of Messengers create songs that are raw, palpable and wholly independent of the old mass media gatekeepers - delivering music directly to their fans. By combining the energy and artistry of youth with a sound fused from the Beatles, Bowie and INXS, Sons of Messengers make instantly catchy, appealing and eccentric songs. It's huge but it's honest. It's upbeat but it's powerful.

Sons of Messengers are a ferocious live act with a fast growing reputation on the Australian music scene. They have become known for their energetic and theatrical rock show. The group's achievements include performing on Vodfone Live @ the Chapel, winning the NCBC People's Choice Award, and perfoming at various Australian music festivals including PushOver Festival.

The group's soon to be launched website will be the creative hub and central meeting place of the Sons of Messengers community. This interactive site will be a 'shared space' where fans can connect with Michael, Rich and Gabe and engage with and contribute significantly to their musical and artistic journey. People will be encouraged to have a say in the evolution of the website by submitting photos and videos, offering feedback and even remixing the band's songs. Sons of Messengers believe that in the digital age a band can be indistinguishable from its fans.

Their lyrics are the impassioned poetry of now. They speak of city violence, of humor, of absurdity, of the human condition, of loves won and lost, and of rising above the everyday. Theirs is an inner and outer world where anything and everything is a potential source of musical inspiration. Above all, Sons of Messengers are a unique and different band. They show the stark reality of their
musical processes by bringing you right into their world.


Sons of Messengers EP (2006)

City Lights EP (2010)