Sons of Now

Sons of Now


Infectious indie rock band that hail from Dublin City. They fulfill every hungry music addicts fix with their own brand of indie rock, alluring them to sample their hard hitting indie tunes and stomping live set.


Sons of Now formed in 2004 and they’ve come along way since banging out tunes out in a garden shed in Dublin City, their sound has evolved as they've matured, sounding like there influences occasionly but holding their own, the sons are not afraid to wear their heart on there sleeve. They recorded their current demo down at Grouse Lodge studios , the band have taken their impressive live set of tunes across to the likes of the Uk’s carling academy venues on a tour , the Cavern Club in Liverpool and soon top play Edinburgh Liquid rooms in 2007. Previously the band have supported Mani ( Primal Scream), Millburn (Sheffield spikey guitar outfit) and other up and coming talent in Dublin such as the Mighty Stef and The Things and Sickboy. The Band are fronted by Nathan Henderson on lead vocals and guitar backed up strong rhythm section of Graham Matthews on guitar and brother Mark Matthews on Bass and Dave Murray on Drums.


Demo 2007

Track1 Rebel Shotgun
Track2 LockDown 10:13
Track3 Swings and Roundabouts

Set List

Full set list, no covers