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"The Opening Act- Sirens CD Release Party"

You ever hear a band for the first time and on their opening riff your face gets all like Eddie Murphy's did when he saw a fine woman in either Delirious or Raw... can't remember which the bit is in.... face all scrunched up in the middle.... and you admit an audible GODDAMN! from your gapping maw......

That's Sons of Roswell. I freakin' love this band. They've taken the lead in my current 3 disc rotation.

You. Must. Buy. this album. Self titled.

I am not shitting you. If you love the Rock, this album needs to be in your possession. I promise you you will love it and want to have its baby. -

"Performer CD Reviews"

Vocalist Kevin Keenum and company present an even mix of bluesy hard rock and punk rock attitude served with a distinctly southern flavor. As a result, the boys of Roswell have created an album packed with strutting, cocksure, optimistic tracks that provide a refreshing alternative to the whiny, jaded music that predominately populates the pop music charts.

The real magic of this album lies in the song craft. Sons of Roswell demonstrate a real knack for writing catchy hooks, energetic bridges and simple yet blazing guitar solos that continually revitalize the songs before they can wear out their welcome. It’s difficult not to become too derivative when plumbing the depths of a classical southern/hard rock musical heritage like Sons of Roswell’s, but they’ve managed to produce an album that not only holds up to repeat listenings, it demands them. (Self-released)

-David Feltman
Performer - Performer Magazine

"Sons of Roswell"

Seventies rock, particularly of the "Southern" variety, has been a popular mining source for young rock bands in recent years, but most seem solely drawn to that period's arena rock bombast and shallow riffs, ignoring the fact that delicate, contemplative material was masterfully yarned by groups like The Band in the same era. Muscle Shoals four-piece Sons of Roswell seem drawn to both sides of the coin, indulging in tough bar-rock stomps, but staying just as gritty when they dial back their amps for the shuffling country-rocker "Losing My Mind."
-The Tennessean - The Tennessean

"Sons of Roswell"

"The Sons of Roswell know how to make songs sound contemporary without delving into the 70’s rock pastiche that so many artists imitate. It’s pretty apparent that living in the shadows of Muscle Shoals recording legends didn’t intimidate the four members of The Sons, and perhaps some of that Southern magic rubbed off on the band while in the recording studio. With a fantastic debut album and some terrific, visceral tracks, it won’t take long for The Sons to get noticed by record executives."
-Andrei Bulawka, -

"Sons of Roswell don't dissapoint"

Thursday night at WorkPlay, Sons of Roswell proved that Alabama's rock bloodlines are in no danger of dying out. Muscle Shoals' Sons of Roswell opened with a blistering 50-minute set. If the Drive-By Truckers dragged Southern rock into the 21st century, Sons of Roswell could do the same for'70s album rock. Drummer Stephen Akridge accosts his drums like they'd insulted his mother; keyboardist Zach Gooch overlays some swirly, complementary touches; and lead singer Kevin Keenum is nothing short of vintage Robert Plant-esque, especially on "Shugga Come My Way," which is what "Black Dog" would sound like if it were written today.

-Jim Dunn
Birmingham News {} - Birmingham News


The Shop Tapes(2006)-Limited Edition
Sons of Roswell(2007)



Since their formation in the summer of 2005, Sons of Roswell has been on a rocket ride.

The band steadily toured the eastern US, and released their self titled debut album in March 2007 to rave reviews. They received praise for being an act with a familiar sound, yet not sounding exactly like your run of the mill Rock n’ Roll band.

The band comprised of Kevin Keenum, Jay Burgess, Corey Keenum, Jon Davis and Zach Gooch has proven to be a captivating Rock act. And since a recent shakeup in the line-up, Sons of Roswell has finally returned to its original style that listeners grew to love.

The band spent most of 2008 recording and touring, sharing stages with the Avett Brothers, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, and playing the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival. Its Bonnaroo performance was captured by the Our Stage Video Crew and featured on the festival website.

Now in 2009, the band is working toward completion of its second studio album. Recorded over the past year at the NuttHouse in Sheffield, AL with Jimmy Nutt, and at Professional Band Services in Florence, AL, tracks have been produced by both Jason Isbell, and Dick Cooper.

The album is to be mixed and mastered by Nutt at his Sheffield facility.

In addition to the studio work, the band has been expanding its range of live performances into Kentucky and Florida.

The Sons of Roswell…a name to remember. A band you’ll never forget.