Sons of Sirens

Sons of Sirens



A Melodic Metal band Reigning from Barrie, Ontario, bringing you some of the Gnarliest sounds thinkable. The Band is made up of 5 friends that just wanted to play for fun and see what it was like to be in a band, but now we know we are on to something and we want to share what we can do with all of you. You can only go as far as your initiative stretches and each member of SoS loves playing music just for the sake of playing regardless of who is watching or even listening, we like to entertain. Sons of Sirens will be recording a summer E.P. with dreams of showing everyone what we're made of. Bands are made of people just like anyone else, its the fans who make them something better, so hopefully with our clashing styles of metal melody you'll get attached to us just like we've been attached to music of all sorts in our scene. If you ever see one of us at any show, talk to us we'd love to get to know you.

Support Local music just like you would any other band playing.

Set List

1. Breakdowns and Breakup's
3.Held within
4.Love lost
5.Controlled accusations
6.You've got mail