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2007 - Aryastya

The Sons can be heard on: iTunes, CD Baby, WCCX, KZSC, WNYO, WCLH and many more.



By Kyle

Blood had sprayed all over the counter and the front of my clothes, and I stood aghast in mind numbing pain. My left arm was on fire up to my shoulder as I gawked at the butter knife still protruding all the way through my hand. My first instinct was to pull it out, and give it a good jerk I did. That caused a brand new cascade of blood which caused to me clamp down on the center of my palm with ruthless force.

Suddenly dizzy, I leaned against the counter as I tunneled in and out. My left hand was now completely white, and I had to fight to stay focused on what was happening. I choose the weird apparition of my bloody white hand, which no longer looked like it even belonged to me, as the object to fixate on. As I stared at it, fighting to keep my train of thought, I heard a timid voice say “you need to see a doctor”. That brought me back to reality, and I had my first real thought since the moment I first felt blade penetrate my hand. “My God! I may never play the bass again!”

With two cell phones ringing, and the land line pressed to my ear, I scrambled to find the email I was looking for. Suddenly without warning the sounds of WNYO 88.9 FM Oswego began to blare out across the room. I toggled the radio stream back off, and moved it back with nine other radio stations I was monitoring. I managed to find the email I was looking for, and rattled off the information to the impatient person on the other end. I hung up the phone while staring at the ones which were still ringing and thought, “Christ, trying to coordinate a tour is a huge job.”

With our first CD hot off the presses after two and half years of hard work, we were very ready to take our sound from our home base in Colorado Springs to world at large. Having formed in late 2004, the Sons of the Cloth had come a long way. We set out to forge a new sound in contrast to everything else that was out there, but still enjoyable enough for people to groove to.
We had been through the same gambit as everybody else who has ever made it from inception to CD had been. Thinking you’re the best thing since peanut butter, and having someone with years of experience bring you down to earth. Coming up with a good sound, and having it refined through the brutal feedback of live shows. Going through the extreme highs of rocking the house out, and enduring the lows of playing to bored bartenders. Scrambling to find the cable that just unplugged leaving us without guitar right in the middle of the song, and finishing a power packed set with a dynamic song that left everyone spent from emotion. Looking hard to find the best deal for studio time, and spending frustrated hours feeling like a retard as you goofed up the easy part again!
Then, after everything else, comes the moment when you open up the box and pull out your very first CD. You take it to player, and the band sits back as you listen. Hard guitar accompanied by melodic piano and bass are rounded out by the power packed drums and baritone vocals, and you can’t believe you are listening to yourself. It is a surreal experience to be sure, almost as surreal as stabbing yourself with a butter knife.

That’s right, once everything else is done, and the only thing left is to tour with your brand new pride and joy, a hankering for a frozen burger can go and fuck it all up. Standing in the kitchen with two burgers frozen together in my left hand, and a bright shiny butter knife brandished in my right, I stood on the precipice of disaster without a clue.

Watching the doctor poke around the inside of my hand, I was relieve to learn that I still had movement. However, that was tempered by the fact that I had lost sensation to my middle and ring finger. I came back to our band house with a huge Q-tip for a hand, and broke the bad news to the Sons of the Cloth. Dismayed, I canceled everything we had already worked to setup, and dealt with the fact it was going to take time to heal. I found that we could use the time to work on my vocals for some of our newer songs, and finally got to a place where I could sing one of our more complicated songs, aptly named “the bitch kitty”. It changes time signatures almost as much as it changes keys.

Time passed and my hand healed enough that I could play again. I was surprised to learn that the lack of sensation did not really hurt my ability to play, and suddenly found myself back where I started. We are ready to tour and bring the Progressive hard rock sounds of the Cloth to the world. I hope you get a chance to come out and enjoy the show. If you look hard enough, maybe you will be able to see that I have stigmata on my left hand. I now consider it a good luck charm.