Sons of the Gun

Sons of the Gun


A "hit factory." Every new song tops the one before. Each song becomes the latest pop/rock gem and sets the pace for what's to come. Sons of the Gun is the new sound of Rock from Detroit, Michigan. This band demands to be heard and seen. Somewhere between Elvis Costello and the Flaming Lips.


Sons of the Gun is a culmination of several other bands from the general Detroit area. Founding member, vocalist and guitarist Greg Mackiewicz, is best known for his work with his former Ann Arbor based band Aurora. Drummer Cliff Carinci has recently worked with Reptilian and Alternative Tentacles label artists Thrall. Pat O'Harris rounds out the group on bass and backing vocals.

Sounding like a cross between the Who, Strokes, Shins, & Replacements, this band is melodic and powerful at the same time. Sons of the Gun are creating one of the exciting new sounds of Detroit. Their music consists of finely crafted pop songs that bring rock-n-roll to a new and fresh level. Influences range anywhere from the Stones to XTC, but they are truly a melting pot of rock-n-roll with a distinct Detroit soul. The catchy songs and sincere lyrics will leave listeners wanting more. Sons of the Gun recorded with Detroit’s infamous Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Dirtbombs, etc.) at Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, Dave Niles in Ypsilanti, and currently with Andy Patalan (Sponge) at the Loft in Saline, MI.
This is a must see band.


Self-titled 6-song EP recorded by Jim Diamond of Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, MI, in late 2006 using vintage equipment and 2" tape.

2nd self-titled EP on Sound Artifacts Records., limite release for Team Clermont as a College Radio Promotion.

Set List

So Fast
Better than you think
Coming Undone
Truth Lies Too
Hard to be Heard
Worked Up
Can't Let Go
Follow Me Down
So Fast
When you're wrong, you're wrong
Why oh Why