Sons of the KING

Sons of the KING

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Think, Wu-Tang clan, BUT with the spirit of the LORD. Gospel, not preaching! Holy, not holier than thou! You dont NEED US, you NEED our MESSAGE.


5 People who, in the process of finding themselves, found what WE BELIEVE to be, the MOST HIGH GOD. GOD, the father who in turn gave all judgement on earth to The SON, JESUS.
So, with that treasure being found, that is what INFLUENCES our lives. Which we funnel through the music.
Our biggest ACCOLADE is, being SINLESS/BLAMELESS in the LORDS eyes TODAY. Striving to win that award daily. This is what sets us APART from other groups, because we KNOW SIN is our common denominator amongs us all.
Our STORY consist of, 5 men growing up in BUFFALO, NY with basically the same agenda, LIVING WELL, NOT just SURVIVING in the world. The down fall was, what men choose to do, to LIVE WELL. With negativity in the rear view mirror, and more danger in front of US. We became tired of the same ol' Story/statistics etc...
Which brings us to, ROCKING stages with the likes of D-12, Ghostface, and most importantly, putting on our own events.
Sons of the KING
Our next of KIN!


The album: "TREASON"
The singles:
1.B-Boys(Keep the faith)
-WBLK 93.7
-WBNY 91.3
-WUFO 1230 am
2. B.U.I.L.D

Set List

Our set typically consists of a 4-5 song set. 30 minutes.
The song "Sons of the KING", set it off. (High energy)
Followed by B- BOYS second. (High energy)
"The Bible" track is 3rd. (Concept)
"Snakes in the grass", 4th (mid tempo)
By this time, the crowd know that the music will move them, which sets up;
"B.U.I.L.D", the 5th track. BUILD means kick it/talk with. So we talk to you, through the music.
Good night, GOD bless.