Sons of the Never Wrong

Sons of the Never Wrong

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandFolkAdult Contemporary

A kind of Twin Peaks version of Peter, Paul and Mary, the songs are wacky, original & uplifting, combining exquisite vocal harmonies which spill and spiral all over the place, glorious melodies unique lyrical perspective


Sons of the Never Wrong are a folk trio from Chicago made up of Bruce Roper, Deborah Lader, and Sue Demel. The band has been creating original "turbo-charged folk music" for 21 years to a cult-like national following. With their different take on three part harmony on top of witty, whimsical songs, Sons’ style springs from a tradition you’d swear you've heard, but this just ain't your grandpop's folk music.

The Son's 9 CD releases have brought them stunning national and international reviews as well as extensive radio-play. It is their live performances though that win the audience's hearts. The group can barely stand still on stage and insty-choreography results in a non-stop show of stories, dancing, and odd-ball humor. Yet it is when the three step up to the mic and belt out one of their many gorgeously- arranged songs, that you know you are in for something extra special.

Sons has performed on dozens of tours over the fifteen years, playing with the likes of Dar Williams, Patti Griffin, Livingston Taylor (who about SONS has said, “I see it all, and Sons is as good as it gets. They’re burnin’, inventive, bright and original”), Odetta, Nancy Griffith, Greg Brown, and Christine Lavin, along with their own tours. Sons have played to sold out venues from coast to coast, and are regular headliners at venues like the Old Town School of Folk Music (IL), the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (CA), the Ark (MI) and the Kennedy Center (DC).

All three Sons play, sing and write for the band. Bruce Roper, weaned on the Beatles, John Prine and Dylan, is the primary songwriter, playing acoustic guitar and singing with a sweet, yet heart-broken quality. He's one of the few who can sing about love gone wrong with a dance in his step, and can sing about death with a wink and a nod. Sue Demel sparkles with one of the most expressive female voices heard in folk music today. Her inspired harmonies always delights as she beats on her djembe drums or quietly strums the dulcimer or guitar. And all this while jumping around all over the stage in a dervish manner! Multi-instrumentalist Deborah Lader brings to the band her own clever style of writing, expressive voice and humor. She delights audiences with her flair for banjo, mandolin, guitar, and rich alto harmonies.

This group is decidedly eclectic, combining influences of folk, jazz, pop and rock. Their live show appeals to audiences of all ages. Their energy can power up an entire town, and in this day and age of global warming, we all could use some wattage like the Sons of the Never Wrong.

“The personal glues that hold the group together are a clear joy in performing together, a sense of gratitude to a loyal fan base, and three dry, delightfully skewed senses of humor.”
Chicago Tribune

“Just plain folk? Not here.”
Sun Times

“A pop sound with brains”
WUMB Boston

“Rich in jazzy syncopation, compelling counterpoint, and unanticipated detours.”
U. S. 1 Review



Written By: Sue Demel

Depending upon where you are standing could very well be the center of the world, depending upon where you sink your teeth in could very well be the apple a snake gave a girl...

from a garden far across the sea... Eve

Wouldn't you know last night he was standing, smack dab in the center of my dinning room and wouldn't you know this time he was wearing a cowboy hat and smelling of old spice perfume

like a garden far across the sea... Eve

And nobody understands it, no one knows why when all you do fells second rate the devel's standing by... Eve

When God made the stars, the earth and the ocean, the giraffes and the fire and the air and the light when God made the fish and swam back up he was lonesome so out of everything made someone a girl so sweet in His sight

from a garden far across the sea... Eve

Over There

Written By: Bruce Roper

I know where the little lamb sleeps like a babe at the wolfs right hand and I know where the hawk and dove fly together so high above

I’ll be going over there... I’ll be going there I’ll be going over there... I’ll... be... go-ing there

should my knees grow weak and I’m half a man let me stand like a giant on shifting sand
raise my spirit in a boat so wide it’ll find it’s way to the other side

bring a drum along, bring a child’s song a diary a pencil and a scheme leave you cares and woes, you’ve had enough of those and rise up with your heart all in a dream... OOOOHH

Take my father my mother fair
All our brother and sisters there
the unknown and the unsung song
gather ‘em up and bring ‘em along


Written By: Deborah Lader

My thought just flew out of the window, window, window. I simply watch it go... out of the window. Who is the ghost in the mirror, was she fair, i just stare only so much that the wind can bear... window.

We sang the songs you remember, echoing through the chamber, counting the names on the spiral stair, soon I will go there. Remember

Tell me a story of elm trees, bruised knees, fantasies. I felt the sting of the let it bee, maybe. Careening all over the stove walls, waterfalls, back room halls, I see his face in the market stall... remember. Remember

Dancing the waltz or the tango, tango, I don’t know. Weaving a quilted fandango, we go. Where are the lessons I gave you, gave you, long ago? Watch them blow out of the window. Watch it go. Remember


THREE GOOD REASONS (1995) Waterbug Records
CONSEQUENCE OF SPEECH (1997) Waterbug Records
ONE IF BY HAND (2000) Gadfly Records
4 EVER ON (2002) Gadfly Records
NUTHATCH SUITE (2005) Gadfly Records
ON A GOOD DAY... I AM (2009) Waterbug Records
ACCIDENTAL ENGLISH (2011) Waterbug Records
CHURCH OF THE NEVER WRONG (2012) Waterbug Record
KING FISHER KING (2012) Waterbug Records

Set List

SONS perform original music and can do from 1 to 3 sets, sets can run from 30 to 90 minutes long.