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"Press quote"

The Sons Of The Revolution are gifted and destined to go far in the music business. Catch their live shows while you can! Their first CD is a must for music lovers, and must stay in my player at all times........... great licks, powerful vocals........... you will listen! - Joe Ables of The Saxon Pub

"Lake Country Life - October 2008"

Is it possilbe to ever get enough of a good thing? A thing of beauty is a joy forever, so they say, and it is this writer's opinion that one can never tire of something that revitalizes the soul and replenishes the spirit.

Some might say the world doesn't need another country/roots/Americana rock band right now; there are enough already.

Sons of the Revolution are ready to blow that little blinkered opinion right out of the water. The quality, enthusiasm and freshness they bring to their songs automatically remove the band from any pigeonholes, boxes or genres into which people are predisposed to drop them. There is only one category for music like this, and it's called "class."

"I feel we've been blessed with great players and songwriters in this band," related Jorge Castillo, vocalist, lead guitar player and spokesman for the band. "We have a strong work ethic when it comes to our music. We take it seriously, and are always working on improving our sound."

This weighty approach to their craft is paying off. The songs are rich and powerful, the execution is succinct and not overstated, and the arrangements give the music ample space to breath, quite an accomplishment for a band that was only formed during the spring of 2008.

"Although this seems like just a little while," opined Castillo, "we've actually been playing music together in different bands and different combinations of our current lineup for the past 10 years in Austin."

This explains, in part, the way the players work so well together and the understated musicianship, but this band has something extra - a spark among them that sets every chord progression and every stanza fizzing with energy.

During "Blood and Bone," the listener is lulled into a swaying trance by the mantra-like vocal melody and the revolving chord structure. A haunting guitar, dripping with reverb, sets the perfect mood and the song fades into a wistful accordion outre'. This harks back to Los Lobos in one of their many finer moments.

"Take a Little More" describes a man willing to give up everything he has within himself for the woman he loves. It's a poignant tightrope walk between pleasure and pain, an exquisite marriage of pathos-laden lyric and melancholic harmony.

Sons of the Revolution can rock out with the best of them, but it is compositions like these that set them apart from the average country rock band.

The band can obviously deliver live as well, as evidenced by their last visit to Poodie's. "While we were finishing our last song for the night, the manager comes up to us on stage to say that Poodie has just called and was coming by, and would we please do another hour," recalled Castillo. "That was great for us and we felt greatly appreciated."

Still in their first year of performing together as a unit and with a live CD and a studio album in the pipeline, Sons of the Revolution are definitely a band to watch. - Kelvin Cochrane, HLN Coorespondent


Live At The Saxon Pub-2008



We play American music. You can call it Roots music or Americana, or just plain country. We call it honest music that's meant to move you, whether it be physically or emotionally. We've all played the Texas scene in various bands for over 16 years and pooled our talents to play the music we love and grew up on. What has resulted is a culmination of blues, rock, country-Americana rich in soul and fervent in its delivery. We're influenced by such artists as The Band, Hank Williams, Los Lobos, John Prine, Blaze Foley, Lucinda Williams, Ernest Tubbs, Gram Parsons and The Rolling Stones to name but a few. We mostly perform originals but do throw in a few covers here and there. We are currently working on our first studio LP and are mixing the current demo. We are shopping for management and booking agents. Thanks for your consideration.