Sons of York

Sons of York


"...The Hardy Boys play rock" is how someone once described them. A high energy trio with clean-cut good looks, and a blistering live show. Classic, finely crafted songwriting influenced by early Weezer, The Strokes, The Hollies and the Who."


"You guys are Sons of York right? You guys are like the hardy boys...except you play rock instead of solve mysteries!", exclaimed a slightly tipsy party girl inside a warm apartment, one frozen Winnipeg night.

The Sons of York have a modern sound influenced by The Strokes and early Weezer, as well as classic groups like The Who and the Hollies. Their live shows result in packed dance floors and their clean cut good looks seperate them from dirtier, uglier bands.

The Sons began making noise in a basement in 2004. Brothers Luke and Jake Kennerd began classical guitar lessons at ages 12 and 10, respectively. When they decided to start a band Jake converted to the bass guitar and their friend, Mark Reid (21), purchased his first drum kit. In 2006 Reid left the band to pursue business school. Luke's long time friend Andrew Buffi quickly filled the drummer spot and brought his agressive style with him.

They made their first trip to the studio in august of 2005 and recorded three songs. "If Ya Can't Get A Girl" immediately found radio acceptace, making the top thirty chart at 92.9 Kick FM, and was included on "Homespun" ( a compilation of Kick FM's most requested local artists).

With a growing fan base, these boys seek to
perfect the art of getting their generation to dance to live rock and roll music, which has been a thing of the past for far too long.

Set List

If You Can't Get a Girl
Say What You say
I Confess
Dance Around
The Winter of Our Discontent
Mean Streak
The Jones