Sons of Zion

Sons of Zion

 San Fernando, City of San Fernando, TTO

Sons of Zion is the epitome of modern roots, with their own unique style and sound, they bring a vibe that moves the soul. Their lyrics are deep and thought provoking, making their music worthy of any international stage. From upbeat to soothing, Sons of Zion is ready for the world. One Love.


Sons of Zion are one of the most prolific duos in the conscious Reggae movement...... creators of what they like to call, "Soul Roots Reggae". Coming from the beautiful twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, they emerged in the latter half of 2006, helping in the musical and spiritual influence of roots reggae, while cultivating their role as spiritual messengers.

Sons of Zion combination of Positive & Biblical principles and up-to-the-minute rhythms made their hard line approach more palatable. As brilliant and passionate performers, Sons of Zion are breaking boundaries, appealing to those looking for something new, music with depth.

Also very close to their heart is the native music of Trinidad and Tobago, Soca, a very fast paced infectious style that you can't help but move along withÂ… What separates Sons of Zion from the rest, besides their music and vocal sound, is their willingness to learn from others and remain humble in everything they do, realising that we are all human beings, and we are no better than anyone no matter where our level of status reaches. Sons of Zion brings a message of love, hope, encouragement, strength, faith and that Jah is real and wishes to have a loving friendship with us all through the message of Jesus Christ His only Son, no matter who you are.

To book Sons of Zion for any event in your city, contact us by calling 1-868-765-2407 or 1-868-387-4500. Or you can email us at You can also contact us at our webpages at, , and we are also on twitter. Blessings & 1love^.



(1.)Single: Nah Bow Down (Servant Quarter's Riddim Sessions)- Servant Records Label / (2.)Single: Live It Right (Jah Servant and Friends)- Servant Records Label / (3.)Single: Follow No Bad Man (Jah Servant and Friends)- Servant Records Label / (4.)All I Want (Jah Servant and Friends)- Servant Records Label / (5.)Planted In Zion (Jah Servant and Friends)- Servant Records Label / (6.) Sons of Zion promo Album (Sons of Zion)- Servant Records Label. Sons of Zion is currently receiving airplay in Brazil, Great Britain, France, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Hawaii, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, Netherlands, Finland, United States, Belgium and Kenya.

Set List

Set is usually up to 5 songs( 25-30 mins), but more can be done if required.