Spokane, Washington, USA

Sonus, its not just something you say, but something you experience. For four college guys in Spokane came together to bring what they love to others. Music, fans, and fun is the mentality they use to find their success in all that they do together.


Forming a band is tough enough right? Finding 4 guys in your same dorm with the proper components to form a functioning band is even rarer. But thats what happened for the guys in the Gonzaga University based band Sonus. Coming out of Spokane, Washington the band quickly began gaining a steady university following and took it to the local scene in Spokane.
The bands line up includes: Jordan Cundari, Mike Hudson, Matt Peterson, and Tyler Herr

With over 14 years of musical experience Jordan Cundari brings an aggressive and forward style in his music. Drawing much influence from Chris Martin and Jamie Cullum's piano styles, Jordan is no stranger to music.

Mike has over 8 years of guitar playing experience drawing much of his influence from prog rock groups like Muse and Porcupine Tree. His alternative taste brings a unique sound to the group.

While the newest to the world of music with 3 years of experience, Matt Peterson is actually the fastest learner of anything the group creates. His influences draw from classic rock groups of the 70s and 80s

Reliable and consistent are two words that describe the playing style of Tyler Herr. The same could be said about his personality. 5 years of drumming experience with influences in indie rock and blues is where Tyler draws his style.

The group has played at the following venues in the Spokane are: The Empyrean, The BLVD (now called the Seaside), The Cretin Hop, The Knitting Factory, Ionic Burrito, and Gonzaga University


EP-Eyes of Four

Set List

What's the Message?
The Calling
I Know
Balloon Boy
Answer the Call
These are The Times