Sonya Lorelle

Sonya Lorelle


Love songs with an attitude. Fiona Apple meets Nora Jones. Torchy and clever. Sonya's powerful voice delivers her honest message with an intense passion.


People rarely expect the treasures that lie beneath the surface of this young performer. However, Sonya Lorelle’s songs reveal there is so much more to this talented individual. She has a unique sincere quality that is refreshing to hear. Her effective piano stylings support her powerful voice as she delivers the message that exposes a depth of passion. She explores the crevices of the soul that leave listeners in tears, and she has clever “torch” songs that leave them feeling empowered.

Stylistically Sonya has been described as a blend of Nora Jones and Fiona Apple. Her music can be classified as bluesy folk. She released her first CD, “Independent Woman,” early in 2003 at a concert at the New Coast Gallery in Reeds Spring. Currently she is performing solo throughout the Midwest. She has caught the attention of audiences and club owners while playing in New Orleans, Nashville and London. She was chosen as a showcasing artist for the 2003 Midwest Entertainment Industry Conference. Her song “Independent Woman was also chosen for the compilation CD. She has received rave reviews since her emergence into the music scene. A Great American Song Contest Judge described her as an "obvious talent." She has received many awards throughout the years including 2nd place in Enormous Records Songwriting Contest in 1999 and an Honor Award in the 2002 Great American Songwriting Contest.


Independent Woman

Written By: Sonya Lorelle

You want to keep me on a leash.
You want to keep me under thumb.
But I am not a puppy you can't teach me to succumb.

I don’t want your money.
You can keep your cash.

Did you think you’d tie me down with all those strings attached.

I’m an independent woman.
I take care of myself.
I don’t need approval from anybody else.
I’m an independent woman.
I’m wild and I’m free.
And you will never tame me, So release your hold of me.

You think you have the answers.
You preach and patronize.

But unless I have a question, you can keep your good advice.

I don’t need a father, but you treat me like a kid.
My folks already raised me, and I like the way they did.

You call me rebellious, Say that I’m a stubborn thing
Just 'cause I don’t need you or treat you like my king.
Honey, you don’t own me and your never going to.
And I don’t think you’re listening, 'Cause it’s not getting through.

There's Something

Written By: Sonya Lorelle

There’s something about you I can’t explain
It draws me in and it drives me insane
There’s something about you and it doesn’t make sense
But logic and reason is no defense
For you

There’s something familiar that I can’t touch
I think it’s peculiar it moves me so much

There’s something that stirs my soul
And I’m not afraid to lose control
So I’ll take a chance on this dream come true
Cuz there’s something I could love in you

There’s something about you I can’t resist
I’ve tried to ignore and I’ve tried to dismiss
There’s something you’re saying that’s calling my name
The funny thing is that you’re hearing the same
Thing too

I think I’m crazy
I’m in too deep
But then just maybe
It’s worth the leap

I deserve better

Written By: Sonya Lorelle

You need time
Away from me
You need to think
What does that mean?
Do you love me?
You think so
Do you want me?
You don’t know
What am I holding on to?
Whatever it is, It’s sure not you

I deserve better than a halfhearted love
I deserve more than what you’re thinking of
I deserve who’s crazy for me
And not afraid to get on his knee
I deserve someone who’ll walk through the fire
Drown in my tears
Burn with desire
I deserve someone who loves me too
I deserve better than you.

You say you’ll call
You never do
You said I’m the one
But I know that’s not true
You promise this and you promise that
With all I give I get nothing back
I’ve reached the point I can’t take anymore
So you’re finally getting what you’re asking for

I’ll admit I loved you for awhile
But this is it
I’m ending this denial


Independent Woman

Set List


Moving on
Baby without you
Beatury of it all
Don't you know
Love like Crazy
Independent Woman
Can you hear me
There's something
I'll never know
Not about me
Stand tall
Devil behind the lace
I deserve better
I believed you
Begging for mercy
Better days
Bring you back
Sweet temptation
Close enough
Lost so long
You're gone
Be the one
Go on with your life
Getting out of here
I'm Ok
The life you wanted
Be the one
Getting out of here
Lost so long