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SOME OF THE COMMENTS THAT I'VE RECEIVED FROM MY FANS ON MYSPACE:- Your music is an art form, that everyone should hear and feel! Don't ever stop! from, edhalfdead. Love you! from Letitia-Miss DJ. Love your music! Keep Rockin! from, Craig Davies. Awsome tunes you have there, we will sure to give it a spin on the radio! from, Triple H-FM 100.1. Keep up the good work from, Bimbo. I am flattered that you added me, you have true talent! from, Gothic Angee. May you find yourself in a place you belong this year! from, Graham. Would love to have you on my friends page, enjoyed the music on your page! love, Lea. You rock! keep it up and enjoy! from Carlos. I have been listening to your music this evening and relate to it, as I really did lose a partner and he was my best friend, from Leonie. You rock, from Nat. Keep giving me awesome music to listen to! love from, Bamb & Hearts. Love to see you live! from, Waldo G. I love the songs, they are fantastic! from, Rylee L. You hold a lot of talent, so the best of luck for a great life! peashe and love, from, Jessica Lee. Hey girl, nice tunes! Keep up the good work! from, Your little poet. Wow, you're on a roll with those songs pretty, keep up the good work! from, Santi. Hey Sonya, love your music! from, Exodus. I'm not really into your kind of music, but I do like this, you defiantly have a unique voice and uniqueness is admired at the moment! get out there and show the world! from, Nell. You and your music are beautiful! from, Ruby De. Your music is pretty good! from Miss Peta. The songs rawk! keep it up! from Bamb & Hear. Hey ya, love the new song! love ya, from, Sammy. I like your tunes very nice! From, T. Really nice songs, top voice! From, Chris. Keep up the great work! From T. Thanks for accepting, nice songs! from, Seven Bullet. Sonya we love your sound! from, Fat Resistance Diet. Rock it! from, Bee. Awesome stuff with your songwriting! from, I Love Lamp. Wow, I'd love to know more about you, thanks for the add, stoked! from, Julie Furner. Do you do many gigs in Victoria? from, Dani. Your voice is the music of an angel Sonya, sung from the heart! from, Penelope. Your music is great! keep up the awesome work! from, Adry. Wow, very powerful songs! I got tears in my eyes, love it! keep on writing the hits, lots of love from Missy. Just love your music! from, Greg. Just checked out your new songs, you have an amazing talent and your lyrics are so beautiful and amazing! you go girl! from Toots! Wow your music is so different, it's awesome! keep it up, hey! from, Lauren. Hey thanks for the add, your music is awesome!!! hope to hear from you soon, from Funky Munky. Did you fall in love? lol, those some strong lyrics pretty, you got to be a strong person! I like what you are doin, keep it up! from Santi. You're so beautiful, almost as much as your music! from, Anastasia. You have awesome music! from Sammy. Hi Sonya, love the new song! keep the hits coming! love and God bless, a loyal fan! from Missy. Nice tunes, good to see you entering and winning competitions! from, Sonja V. You have a gift darling, bless you for sharing it! from doonafairy. Must say local music, gotta love it! from, Jen has a Gun. Keep up the great work! from, Magz. Wow, keep up the great music! we need more music chicks out there! love your eyes winner all the way! from, Greg. I have to say in your profile pic you look like Casey Chambers, your music reminds me of her too! from, K. Your music is great! keep up the good work! from, Rancid Devils Partners In Crime. Your music is really good! from, Cindertoots. Music sounds great! from, Jai. Your words are really lovely! keep up the good work! love from, Mel. Best wishes in your endeavours to make it big! from, Juice. Was checking out some of your lyrics and they are so good, very deep! Hope you go far and far and far, best wishes dear! much love from, Megafree&...
Wow, they are so beautiful, so much emotion in your songs, from Murdersc...Beautiful music! beautiful girl! from, Chris. Nice music Sonya, keep it up girl! from, James. I think your music is pretty good, keep playing like that and you'll go pretty far! stay beautiful! from Keenan. Cool music! love Bob. Very nice music! keep it up and take care! from, Gaby. Sweet soulful, we need more meaningful music! from RL. Hey, you sound cool, keep up the good work! music rox! from, Jo. Those songs are so cool! love em! from, M@'07. 'Great songs! from, Bec. You rock Sonya! from Eskimo. I really like your music! from, D*Dawg. Nice lyrics! from, Sophie. Good luck with your music! I wish I had talents like that! from, Alinta. I dig your music! you sound like Janice Joplin! From Rat. I'm lovin your voice and the style of your music! good stuff! from, Antonio.

I started writing songs about seven years ago and in 2004 I started entering some of my songs into songwriting competitions where I have had some success. I entered "Bad Boy" into the Song of the Year songwriting competition where I received sug