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Sookdee's stage presence is beyond emotional as he captures minds with his advanced storytelling skills. With his unique wordplay and dynamic vocals this spoken word/hip hop lyricist knows how to provoke thought.


Sookdee: A self-prescribed illustrious poet turned emcee has been captivating audiences with his passionate proposals. Distinguished word play and the ability to translate emotion have transformed this Canadian bred emcee into the resented child of literature. Hailing from the town of Kitchener/Waterloo, Sook had originally dug deep within the realm of hip hop to better understand himself. As the pages filled, Sook had realized it was his art that would earn the respect he needed. As a life long soldier battling the effects of Meningococcal Meningitis, Sookdee had slowly realized he was not like other people. Within this epiphany emerged a thirst for expression reflecting on many social issues in everyday life. In the early stages of writing, Sook's words were alone without any beat accompaniment. This approach had given life to his spoken word performance. Although he would not consider himself to be a poet, he has shared the stage with literary heavyweights like Leviathan (2005 CBC Poetry Face Off Champion), established author and Juno award winning 'Motion', as well as Travis A Blackman (the only Canadian to win the World Spoken Word Slam Championship). With these appearances in mind, It would be unfair to pigeon whole this versatile emcee. As he has opened up for some of Canadians biggest hip hop acts like: The Chronicles, Shad K (Juno nomination for best hip hop album) and Zaki Ibrahim (Juno nomination for best R&B album). With musical influences from Atmosphere, Murs, and Brother Ali to The Temptations and Marvin Gaye, there is no wonder why he demands nothing but quality in his work. This young rapper has overcome a many of obstacles only to share his experiences with the world. There is no mistaking Sookdee’s raw talent with another. Expect to hear from him shortly as this Indo-Canadian emcee rises up in the Canadian hip hop scene.


The Opposite on Operation Overlord- Opposites Attract EP (Vocals/Production)
Escape on Operation Overlord- Opposites Attract EP
Cats n' Crows- DJ Carmellos- Forget About it Mixtape
First London, Ontario Slam Champion
What you Sayin- Dox Tha Doctrines - Secret Doctrine

Set List

Can be anywhere from 20-45 minutes. Consisting of hip hop track and spoken word pieces. No hype man required.