Soothing Stone

Soothing Stone

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Soothing stone is a modern, acoustic, original duo featuring talented vocalist Tara Bond and accomplished guitar player, Rick Payne. In addition to top 40 singles, we enjoy playing crowd favorites and original songs. We're like nothing you've heard before and we take requests too.


Soothing Stone is a modern, original acoustic quartet featuring talented vocalist Tara Bond and accomplished guitar player, Rick Payne, Jake Bartone on drums, and Chris Sarvak on bass. Together they’re redefining the genre they call "modern acoustic.” This style has a strong pop foundation, but has influences of different musical styles such as jazz, blues, rock, folk and new grass. Rick’s flat picking guitar style as well as Tara’s smooth vocals make up a fresh take on today’s current and past radio hits. In addition to top 40 singles, Rick and Tara enjoy playing crowd favorites and original songs. Soothing Stone builds on this to create new colors and textures for their original songs. None of their original songs sound alike and they produce a mature and sophisticated sound that is similar to the variations of fine wine. Soothing Stone capitalizes on their versatility allowing them to adapt their set for specific audiences. At a moment’s notice, Rick and Tara are prepared to play over three hours of covers or originals without any repeats.

Rick Payne – Guitarist
Rick Payne started playing guitar in junior high when his best friend suggested that the two of them start a band. Since then, Rick spent years studying music composition and guitar technique from many teachers such as Scotty Anderson, Jason Dennie and the CCM’s prep department at the University of Cincinnati. During his college years at The Ohio State University, Rick found he preferred smaller acoustic gigs when he played in a duo called “Rick and Alexis.” After college, Rick started producing electronic music and created an all original electro group called “ShiftNot3.” After many gigs, the project was sidelined when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. After 4 years of treatment, Rick re-dedicated himself to playing guitar. One day while browsing musician classifieds, he discovered vocalist Tara Bond and Soothing Stone was formed. Rick and Tara found they had an instant song-writing connection. After a few practices, they entered the genre “modern acoustic music” to describe their music.

Tara Bond – Vocalist
Tara has been singing as long as she can remember; perhaps as early as age 2. She acquired most of her training from West Michigan Academy of Music for Girls, and St Cecilia’s. There she developed her natural talent while learning proper singing technique. Originally a native at Grand Rapids, MI, Tara moved to Cincinnati in 2009 to seek new opportunities when the economy turned sour. After settling in, she placed a classified ad in Craigslist seeking a guitarist. Among the overwhelming number of responses she received, only one stood out. Rick Payne was the only inquiry she replied to, and a week later, they formed Soothing Stone. Rick and Tara’s musical chemistry was so unique she waited a year for him to recover from Leukemia. With Rick re-emerged, they’re ready for any challenge.

Jake Bartone - Drums
Jake Bartone is easily one of the best drummers in Cincinnati. He's been playing drums since he was twelve years old and was captain of the percussion team at Madeira High School. Rick and Jake were both in their first band together, a high school band called "Good Golly 90 Degree." Since high school, Rick and Jake have been trying to find a project to reunite on and soothing stone provided the opportunity. Jake is currently the leader of the band "Atlantis Becoming" as well as being a songwriting contributor and rhythm section leader of Soothing Stone. Jake has played in dozens of successful bands in Cincinnati over the last decade. On the side, he also moonlights as a solo pianist.

Chris Sarvak - Bass player
Rick and Chris met over 15 years ago at the High School Band Challenge and instantly became good friends. This is the first opportunity that they've had to work together. It has been a long time in coming. Chris is well known as a member of popular bands "Patient Zero" and "A Continuous Now." Although mainly a guitar player, Chris has stepped up to take on the role of bass player.


Still Burning

Written By: Tara Bond

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Set List

Artist List
1. Patty Griffin
2. Norah Jones
3. Christina Aguilera
4. Paramore
5. The Beatles
6. Fiona Apple
7. 50 cent
8. Adele
9. Cheryl Crow
10. Cee Lo
11. Johny Cash
12. Bruno Mars
13. K.T. Tunstall
14. The Animals
15. Tracey Chapman
16. Rebecca Black
17. The Cranberries
18. Lady Gaga
19. Katy Perry
20. Radiohead
21. Madonna
22. Michael Jackson
23. Oasis
24. The Script
25. 9 Crimes
26. Cindy Lauper
27. Pretenders
28. T-Bone Walker
29. Ella Fitzgerald
30. Billie Holiday
31. Peggy Lee
32. Cold Play
33. Roberta Flack
34. Frankie Valli
35. Michael Jackson