Let us not make music to sell to certain audiences. Let us make records and play concerts, to give us something to all be a part of. Let us make music because it is beautiful and because it creates unity amongst unimaginable diversity.


Introducing Sophia, a six-piece band rising out of the dust of the country music scene in Nashville, TN. Sophia prides itself on its unique yet not unfamiliar sound. Sophia’s first-ever independent release “My Hands, My Greedy Hands EP” finds itself to be well associated with the hardcore/metal community, yet it’s gentle side can easily relate itself to any young listener. Produced by bassist Dan Martinie and Isaac Ezell (Belmont University), “My Hands” is a personal memoir of this band’s young journey and experience through spirituality and it’s relevance in social issues. “My Hands” was mixed and mastered by Matthew Grabe of Equalvision recording artist Goodbye Tomorrow. For Sophia, this record was assembled with much ambition and a growing anticipation for more to come.

Established in September of 2005, Sophia’s members have assembled themselves from five states (Arizona, Ohio, Florida, Texas, Georgia) across the United States. Because their roots have been grown so far away from one another, the boys of Sophia feel that they can discover their originality in this diverse background. The message of “My hands” is simply an honest insight and a true testament to the complexity and commonality of human struggle.

Sophia strongly believes in the idea that all things are spiritual and Christianity is not to be segregated from culture and society. The spiritual content of Sophia should not be a deterrent to the atheist or agnostic, instead Sophia hopes to inspire those from all backgrounds, with the hope that one may love their neighbor as Jesus’ messages describe. Sophia feels that is idea is universal and shouldn’t be excluded to one market. With an open and honest approach, Sophia hopes the listener will let the melodies, music, and passion of their work intimately speak to the listener’s heart and soul.


The Prison Epistle Abridged

Written By: sophia

This love, my charity my flesh, is for your sake
Oh my beloved this state we are left in

I will walk this road with fear and trembling

Lord what a prize to die in your arms
I cry out to you from behind these bars for my love

I am the poorest one
If I give all I have

I still walk
In chains I still walk

In these chains I walk with you
With all that I am I walk with you
With the weight of the world I’ll walk with you
God bring me back to walk with you

Stapley Drive Ballet

Written By: sophia

We’re a city on a hill
Let it burn burn burn for you
We are the melodies and the music
Of a beautiful love

We’ll carry these torches and let this fire burn at the tops of these mountains
For the glory of you

Take these luminaries and be beautiful

He goes to the streets with his arms stretched out for what?
For me, for you, for love of another
Why does he dance?
For me, for you, for love of another

We’ll burn, so brightly
Cause he’s coming back
And I won’t be hiding

We’ll burn
Burning so brightly
So when you return
You will know where to find me


Sophia's independently released debut ep "My hands, my greedy hands" has had great response amongst the independent music scene in the southeast and beyond. The release party for "My hands, my greedy hands" found over eight hundred people at Nashville's premier venue, Rocketown to see Sophia play the long awaited ep. It is currently receiving airplay on many internet radio stations as well as about 10 radio stations from Ohio to Georgia, Texas to California.

Set List

Sophia typically plays a 25 to 35 minute set when on the road, and a slightly longer set in their home town of Nashville, TN. The set usually consists of 5 to 7 original songs.

Stapley Drive Ballet
A New Song for the Vultures
Return from Rome
Prison Epistle Abridged
Sultans and Swans
Wisdom is More Than Just Thought