Fade/ Sophia Black

Fade/ Sophia Black


Im a singer songwriter and my music is an aucoustic/pop/folkore style.. The Sound is, Soft, warm, emotional, and heart-felt.


The singers who have inspired me my whole life and whos songs im really passionate about singing or listening to are... Mariah Carey, Celen Dion, Christina Aguelaria, Tony Braxton, and others.. because i have the same vocal range as them and they're good songs to sing out my talent.. some other artist's that i enjoy listening to , Sheryl Crow, Amy Lee, John Mayer, Michelle Branch, jack jonson, Michael Buble, Ryan Cabrea, Gavin DeGraw, Edie Brickell, and many more..


1. Breathe 2. Because of You

these songs are on my music myspace page where people all over the world can listen to it.

Set List

1. Breathe
2. Because of you
3. Fall Apart
4. Looking up at the Stars
5. The day you slipped away
6. Brighter days
7. We've come a long way
8. Bright green eyes

these are my most recent and most complete and polished songs.