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Soul Eclectic Reviews

January 07, - Sophia Darcell’s Soul Eclectic is one the best Cds
I’ve heard in a long time.

She is a mix of Sade and
Norah Jones. “7 Seas” is a sexy song about being
in love. It has a groove that won’t get out of your
head after you hear it. “They Love Like That” is a
mid-tempo song about how opposites attract. The
song reminds lovers to keep folks out their
business. “Make Up Your Mind” is a standout
love song. Sophia’s voice is strong and delicate at
the same time as she passionately sings, “I can’t
wait for you to make up your mind/Either you love
me or you don‘t”.

She gets it moving on the lovely
funk song “Thru the Desert”
The song uses horns, which makes the song go to
another level. It is throwback sound reminiscent of
Chaka Khan when she was with Rufus. You believe
her when she says “ Baby you know I’d crawl thru
the desert sands”. Now, that is some love right

Sophia has created a unique collection of
songs about love, devotion and desire. Its Soul
Eclectic title suits this CD every well.

Standout Tracks: “7 Seas” “Who’s it Gonna Be?”

December 06, Echoes, Soul Sides - Soul's a broad church. Thus while I've spent a lot of this month hung up on Ms. Winehouse and her various doings, there's still plenty of room for such as Sophia Darcell, a Miami Soulstress whose vibe is very much of a Sade-meets-Incognito-but-doesn't-forget-to-spin-their-old-Curtis-Mayfield-albums nature.

Soul Eclectic, on the Florida indie GrooveCraft Entertainment, is groovesexy almost all the way through, the bass line and breathy saxes affording the Sade-like pulse, the guitars wah wahing away like one o the gentler tracks from Roots or America Today and the vocal delivered in, maybe, a N'Dea Davenport-sh tones. [OK, she's a Heavy and not from Bluey's bunch, but it's the same territory].

Check Sophia on myspace, where you'll find a video of one of her tunes performed in-club with the band that appears on the album. Chances are if you like what you can hear there or elsewhere a sample, then you'll be happy with the entire album: its consistency is one of its most impressive qualities. -Chris Wells, Echoes Magazine (UK)

November 06, - Soul Eclectic is a delightful tapestry of downtempo and midtempo souljazz grooves. I always said that a downtempo and/or midtempo album is the hardest to make because the artist has to keep the listener interested.

The combination of Sophia Darcell warm vocals and the musicianship of the band makes for an shining example of what sophisticated soul is suppose to sound like. This band is continuing the tradition started by such great bands Incognito, Fertile Ground, and The Rebirth. Sophia Darcell's Soul Eclectic has that warm hypnotic groove that will grab hold and not let go. - AyeJaye,

November 06, - Soul Eclectic, the sophomore release from sultry soul singer Sophia Darcell, has been described as “one of the sexiest yet socially conscious albums you will ever hear.” While I always caution against hype that approaches the pretentious this CD certainly possesses, to one extent or another, elements of both these attributes and is a huge change of direction from her 2001 debut Love = Pain. It’s a shift placing her firmly in the area of vocal smooth jazz that in some quarters is referred to as urban jazz but which I feel is better described as smooth R & B. Comparisons with Sade are cheap and easy but the music leans toward many influences with the end product being very much all Sophia’s own work. She is joined in her soulful endeavor by Eric Escanes and Marcello Falconi on guitars, Dave Gabbillet on drums and Kenneth Williams on bass to produce what has been compared elsewhere to a sexy wall of sound...- Dennis Poole, (Read the rest of the review

November 06, - Miami based Urban Rock/R&B/Jazz band Sophia Darcell is not new in the music scene. She and her band already released "Love=Pain" back in 2001. Their new album is officialy released in augustus of this year by a new label GrooveCraft productions. The album sold out on one day after release. "Soul Eclectic" is a neo soul album a musical blending of seventiesSoul with R&b (new Groove) and Jazz. - Mark,

November 06, R&B - The Bottom Line
Listening to Sophia Darcell's sophomore album, Soul Eclectic, is like spending a warm Sunday afternoon at the beach. The 12 songs it contains are breezy like an coastal wind; but also warm, like a seaside bonfire. Darcell's brand of smooth Jazz-infused, soulful R&B is also airy and pleasant, even some of the topics, such as child abuse (on the song "His Sweet Face") and forcing a lover's hand regarding what they want to do in a relationship ("Make Up Your Mind") are not.

October - Various


2001, RMentertainment Label, Debut CD titled "Love=Pain"
- The single "You Don't Appreciate" received rotation on 30+ stations throughout the South East U.S.
2006, GrooveCraft Productions, "Soul Eclectic"



Sophia Darcell

Just back from their successful pre-Album release tour where hot spots included Atlanta, Miami, and New York City, the band Sophia Darcell gears up to shoot their first music to the hit album single “7 Seas”. The track “7 Seas” along with “They Love Like That“ are not only favorites of the 15,000+ fans on the band’s web pages, the singles are also in global rotation on over 50 internet and terrestrial radio stations, with more adding to the list every day.

Stay tuned to for behind-the-scenes video footage, in-depth interviews, live web casts and more. The album“Soul Eclectic” released August 29, 2006, sold out on one day after release. The Winter “Soul Eclectic” Tour starts late Summer '07 with a premier performance at NYC’s Lion’s Den.

Contact GrooveCraft Productions
David R. Johnson, Artist Relations or 678.318.1487