Sophia Male

Sophia Male


Picture Cat Power taken hostage by M.I.A., struggling to make sense of the world. They meet Emily Haines of Metric, and together they make energetic, empowering, sad, beautiful, complicated and minimalist music destined to bewilder audiences. Sophia can't help be dramatic, and people love her!


Sophia was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. From a young age she showed an interest and talent for music, and began writing melodies. She also was interested in acting and performing, so would frequently perform for her peers in plays and lip synch competitions. She took a few piano lessons when she was young, played violin and sang in the school choirs, and got her first guitar at age 16. Like most people she learned her guitar with easy folk songs, so naturally started writing simple guitar songs. When Sophia first heard Cat Power later on in life, she was amazed at how much her early work sounded like early Cat Power, and she became an instant fan.

Sophia is multi-talented, and has a fancy for Renaissance artists. As a result, she has practiced many art forms over the years. She has an extensive photography background, paints impressive abstract oils often compared to Georgia O’Keeffe’s, and took her love for art and journalism into filmmaking. With no money and no planning, she shot, directed, edited, wrote, narrated and produced her debut film “Democracy 4 Dummies” in that order. She was awarded a $4800 grant from the Quebec government to edit the film, and when it was finished, it was picked up by Canada’s biggest distributor the National Film Board. “Democracy 4 Dummies” features her music as well as many friends, and is at

Music has always been Sophia’s first love, and while she is currently working as a videographer and editor, she plans on diving into her musical career as much as possible and is writing many new songs with her new style. A few years back she got a VIP345 Farfisa organ with an awesome vintage sound, M.I.A. inspired her to get a Groovebox, and she combines those with her very first purchase as a kid: an adorable Casiotone keyboard. While Sophia has more guitar experience, she prefers the keyboards and is looking to form a band in Los Angeles in 2009. You can check out more of her music on her website at and her myspace at


One Night in Miami

Written By: Sophia Male

You’re not my boat mate
You’re not my soul mate
You’re a celebrity
I fucked in Miami

You said you liked me
Couldn’t wait to see me
You bought a ticket for me
And canceled the next morning

I’ll never fuck a rock star again
I only wanted to be your friend

But we are all Narcissus
(is it just me? Is it just me? Is it just me?)
x 4

You are a great muse –
Broke my heart in two
Give me back the pieces
So I can make some music!

You played and teased me
And gave me an STD
Is this my life or
a movie of the week?!

I’ll never fuck a rock star again
I have learned my lesson

We are all Narcissus
(is it just me? Is it just me? Is it just me?)
x 8


For my 20th birthday I made a tape of songs I called "Songs from a Box" which I gave to friends and families. I didn't even think of sending it to record labels and am only looking at the professional side of music now. I've written, recorded and produced around 50 songs so far, but none have been released professionally. I've also been remixed several times, and have tried to keep my website updated:

Set List

I do a fun and energetic set list, and am still working on re-recording some songs and making them danceable. I have only performed a few times so 2009 will be my year to get back into performing, hopefully with a band. As much as I like the sad singer-songwriter thing, I want to be part of a band. In terms of covers, I would like to cover "You keep me hanging on" by the Supremes. I'd also like to work in my electroacoustic background and ad sound fx to songs such as a thunderstorm to my song "Raging for the Storm".