Sophie Coran

Sophie Coran

 New York City, New York, USA

Singer-songwriter Sophie Coran creates an evocative sonic world with her poignant lyrics and haunting music.


Composer and Singer-Songwriter Sophie Coran creates an ethereal and poignant landscape in a haunting sonic world. When fitting lyrics with music, Sophie compares the process to that of solving a Sudoku puzzle, in which the engaging activity makes the solution all the more satisfying. Inspirations range from Ives, Stravinsky, and Takemitsu, to Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Fiona Apple, and Agnes Obel. Sophie also finds inspiration through Bikram Yoga, Zumba, the Latin-inspired dance fitness program, and the literature of Roald Dahl.

Sophie’s music has been performed in Copenhagen at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, St. Peter’s Church and Literaturehaus and at music festivals including the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and The Walden School in Dublin, NH. She has had works performed at the Composers’ Voice Series at the Jan Hus Church in New York City, and at Andrea Clearfield’s Salon Performance Series in Philadelphia. As a singer-songwriter, Sophie has performed at various venues including The Knitting Factory, Arlene’s Grocery, Caffé Vivaldi, Alphabet Lounge, Kenny’s Castaways, and Luca Lounge in New York City, and St. Stefan’s Church in Copenhagen. This past March, Sophie performed during the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, TX.

In November, Chris James, at the Manhattan School of Music, premiered Sophie’s solo flute piece, "Rest Eternal." Last year Ms. Coran had several new works premiered, including Lyst, for treble voices, percussion and electronics with text adapted from “Someone to Watch Over Me” by Ira Gershwin. Additionally, Sophie arranged her pop song, House of Fun, for voice and orchestra. It was premiered at the Composers’ Thesis Concert at the Manhattan School of Music last spring.

Sophie spent her junior year abroad in Copenhagen, where she studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, composing, learning about Danish culture, and recording songs with Engineer Marc Casanovas. While there, Ms. Coran’s work was performed at the Pulsar Festival for contemporary music, with conductor Jean Thorel.

Ms. Coran graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition (May ’12). She has studied with Nils Vigeland and Richard Danielpour. Previous mentors include Hans Abrahamsen, Bent Sørensen, and Juliana Hodkinson at the Royal Danish Academy of Music; Jonathan Coopersmith at the Curtis Institute of Music; Martin Amlin and Brett Abigaña at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute; Caroline Mallonée at The Walden School.



Written By: Sophie Coran

“Doctor, doctor- can you help me?
Doctor, doctor, don’t you see,
I can’t focus-
What’s wrong with me?”

Don’t know when it started,
We’re quite the unlikely match,
It’s like a parasite-
I don’t see us parting:
We’ve become quite attached.

And they may say things,
They may talk;
They may say things about us,
But I cannot stop,
In fact:

Can’t eat, can’t sleep
Could it be that I’m in love?
(but I don’t know what love is)
Can’t eat, can’t sleep
I’m addicted to this drug.

One moment I’m happy,
The next one I’m sad,
I’m a slave to you, can’t be without you, and
I’m so up and down;
And it’s driving me mad.

And they may say things,
They may talk;
They may say things about us,
But I cannot stop,
In fact:

Can’t eat, can’t sleep
Could it be that I’m in love?
(but I don’t know what that is)
Can’t eat, can’t sleep
I’m addicted to this drug.

There was a time,
You were what I fought for,
A little went a long, long way;
But now I need more and more
Just to get me through the day.

Be careful what you wish for,
You just might get it.

And with falling in love,
it’s like playing with fire,
it’s a tricky game.

Because after time, I forget how I used to be,
After time, I forget what you mean to me.

And it seems to be,
your value has declined to me,
‘though unconsciously
I’m resisting you,
Save me!
I need to be free (from you).

And they may say things,
They may talk about us,

Let this be a lesson,
of a habit-turned obsession,
liked you more before I knew you…

Can’t eat (I’m not hungry),
Can’t sleep (my heart is beating too fast),
I feel like I’m walking on eggshells,
One wrong move and they’ll crack.

But please don’t you worry,
‘cause there’s always the doctor.
“May I help you?”
At last!

Could it be I’m in love?
I’ve run out of my drugs.
Doctor, doctor will you please prescribe me
some more?

House of Fun

Written By: Sophie Coran

Though the scars have faded,
Nothing’s wrong with feeling jaded.
Self-mutilation may seem immature,
So then why do we find ourselves wanting more?

It’s a silly game we play,
When we’re bored and amused.
The consequence is high,
So I don’t know why I don’t care,
I don’t go there
when I’m confused.

Look at me, see what I can do,
Watch me disappear from you.
But I don’t dare reveal my tricks to you,
All it takes is denying what you need,
Like forgetting to feed.

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo

And do we ever leave our mark on the life that we lead?
Oh, I don’t know, but if I cut myself, I’ll leave a mark that bleeds.

Will you be coming back for more?
You’re a drama-seeking whore,
Let me open up the door-

"Hello", and welcome to the 'House of Fun',
Where there’s everyone, who’s anyone who’s cool.

Well, come to the House of Fun,
Come join me and anyone who’s cool.

Doo doo doo doo doo

But it’s not really fun at all.

Though the scars have faded,
Nothing’s wrong, is ever really wrong
With feeling strong.

"Interesting People"

Written By: Sophie Coran

Where did your innocence go?
When you were walking home alone,
That night at the party,
In the streets, then
Into the taxi

And did you call your mother?
(code for: Do you want me?)
‘Cuz I want you,
But I don’t know you,
Nevermind, I’m just singing
Wish I had a lover of mine.

And do you know
Where people go,
Who are perfectly attractive?
Who enjoy things like “ashtrays and art”

“Maybe far away, or real nearby”
Somebody wants your heart.

People like him or her
We or them,
Or my therapist’s friend
Ladies and gentlemen:
let’s not pretend,
We call them-
We call them “interesting people.”

Well let me tell you,
I’m a member of this club.
I started it, founded it, I’m president.

You’re not alone,
what a comforting thought!
Especially if you have a friend
who’s not
As pretty as you,
She’s got the most handsome man you ever knew!

Would you excuse me for being rude?
I didn’t mention you admire my attitude.
But what I wish is you’d desire me nude!

My body’s interesting too…

Oh, I’m a single swan
Looking for a star to wish upon
Hoping my mate will come along.

Oh, I’m a lamb,
I’m a little lost lamb in the wood
Would you find me if you could?
Would you want me?
You should!
But interesting’s no good.

People like him or her
We or them,
Or my therapist’s friend

Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s not pretend ,
we call them-
We call them “interesting people.”
Well let me tell you,
I’m a member of this club.
I started it, founded it, I’m president.

But I am looking to resign from my position,
I do like the sound of a couple’s description
Still, I don’t know, can I abide by these conditions?

I don’t need you to love me,
So just shut up and fuck me…
I want you every which way


Written By: Sophie Coran

When we lose control, what will nourish the soul?
I was hungry, but now I see, Here’s my plea:
“I don’t want to be lonely anymore.”
“That’s it!,” you said you’re “done.”
Gee, thanks- it’s been real fun!
All I ask is just one request,
Please take your bullshit somewhere else.

I am not worthless,
I don’t deserve this.
I am not worthless,
I don’t deserve this.

And I won’t let you let me down again,
I’m just tired of feeling used,
I thought you were my friend
But I see I was wrong
When will we ever learn to take the blame,
Truth be told no one else can cause our pain;
Love’s a losing game.

I prefer pleasure, you choose pain,
Isn’t it ironic due to all the baggage you gain?
But I don’t make judgment, I don’t call you insane
For choosing pain.

I am not worthless,
I don’t deserve this.
I'm not worthless- no,
I don’t deserve this- no.

If I remain your friend,
It’s like suicide,
I inflict my end.
Let me explicitly say,
I would rather die another way.

Isn’t losing what we wanted,
What we wanted all along?

I’ve got to find a way to live with this
Because I think I deserve to exist
I reached inside, gave you my heart
But you tore it all apart;
You abandoned me.
Oh, I was blind but now I see,
I’ve found my clarity,
You were never good for me.

But oh, what to do,
My body is attracted to you.

And, I don’t want to kill my soul.

Set List

All original songs (for a 45 min set):

1. Infatuation
2. Dis-ease
3. Synergy
4. Friend
5. House of Fun
6. Fool's Gold
7. Interesting People
8. Lullaby
9. Haunted
10. Premonition