Sophisticated Cavemen

Sophisticated Cavemen


The Sophisticated Cavemen music can be described as being World Urban Cave Music with a Yukon twist. The band is very tight and the Guitar work alone will send your feet dancing and your mind racing! We have been in Whitehorse and have been playing for 4 years and are ready to bust out of Yukon.


The Sophisticated Cavemen are a collective of musical cavemen and our cavewoman from Whitehorse,Yukon. Our varying styles and repertoire are starting to gain us a reputation as a high energy, hard to stay in your seat, dance the night away kind of band. We are the Yukon's only Caveman band playing Cave Music.


Let Jah Live

Written By: Rick Sward

Let Jah live, let Jah grow, Ya ya ya only Jah will know.

Way up on the mountains and down below.

Let Jah live, you got to let Jah grow.

Verse 1
Well now up in the morning, what do I see?

poor people fighting for their liberties.

While the rich people live upon their greed.

You better watch out when only poor people bleed.


Verse 2
Hey now yuppie man in your yuppie home,

making your greed on your yuppie phone.

The poor man he starves on the street alone,

You better watch out Jah protects his own.


Verse 3
Hey now banker man your time will tell,

when all the dirty little deeds you do send you straight to hell.

Hey politician man with your little white lies,

Better watch what you say when only poor people die.

Chorus x2

Legend of Klondike Red

Written By: Sophisticated Cavemen

Verse 1
At the end of the century and at the height of the big stampede,

there came a lonely hobo to this land.

He found his fame, he found his gold, he found his love then lost it all.

The name of Klondike Red still remains.

Chorus 1
Red rode the rails from sea to shining sea,

every branch line every main line, he always rode for free.

Red came up to the Yukon to find his Mother load,

So sit right down and listen to the tale that we told.

Verse 2
Red hit the trail in 49, he never found no gold but then he blew his mind.

He spent 20 years just searchin' through the land.

In South Dakota in 76 down in Deadwood he took his licks,

He hopped an east bound train to New York town

Chorus 2
When he found the Canadian Pacific, he rode the rail on down,

through the prairies and the mountains all the way to Vancouver Town.

Red came up to the Yukon cause the southern rails grew old,

so sit right down and listen to the tale that we told.

Verse 3
Red found a girl at the Palace Grand, they fell in love so he took her hand

They built a little cabin in the hills.

He staked a claim on Last Chance creek, he worked it hard and found a streak

and came out with a fortune in the spring

Chorus 3
When Klondike Red hit Dawson town with his weight in gold from Peggy's to the Pit

the tale it was told, Whiskey flowed like water until the lights got old

So sit right down and listen to the tale the we told

Verse 4
Nobody had never seen such cold Red still went out to find more gold.

He came back just to find that she had gone

She had left him for another man why she left he don’t understand

She wanted something more than just his gold.

Chorus 4
There was nothing left to hold him here not even all the gold,

There was only one thing left to do ride the rails through the cold

Gotta hobo on the Whitepass Route all the way to Skagway town

So sit right down and listen to the corpse that we found.

All Aboard ! (10 bar break as the train gets going)

Verse 5
Later that night at 60 below. when the lights came out and the cold wind blows

The Whitepass just rolled thru Carcross town.

Up that pass at 70 below he couldn’t feel his hands he couldn’t feel his toes

If he only knew the worst was yet to come

Chorus 5
When Klondike Red hit the summit it was 95 below

he fell off the train froze alive, buried in the snow

we couldn’t find him till the spring
but the story still does grow

so sit right down and listen to the tale that we told.

Gotta Go

Written By: Lara Lewis

Gotta Go

Word and Music Lara Lewis

Verse 1
Ya Gotta go, Ya gotta go

Pick up your shirt, you gotta move,come on,

You know you really gotta go.

Oh god his face is looking strange

Always happens when the deed is done.

I left nothing in it’s place

You gotta you gotta you gotta go

Oh when the darkness fades and the lights are coming on

see the prying eyes of everyone,
as if I have done something so wrong.

Verse 2
It’s clicking back to every time,

I found myself entangled in a random alcoholic fumbling entwined,

Oh no no not again, where am I this time

I lost my sense, my sole defense
against the multiple choices executed in a state of liquid ferment

Oh no no not again who is it this time.


Verse 3
I made a scene, I smashed a glass

I’ll do despicable things while in a state of ever increasing
maddening regrets.

Oh no no not again who am I this time

It’s all a stage, and your just players

And I can close my eyes and open them

And see that your all figments of my rage

Oh no no hit the floor this happens too many times



L.P.- Music to Evolve To- 2005
mini-LP - De-inventing the Wheel (For release in Feb 2010)

Set List

We can do 4+ sets with half that Originals. 40-20's or 1hr-30 whatever. We love to play!


Let Jah Live
Legend of Klondike Red
Crack House Burn Down
Gotta Go
Rude Boys on the Prowl
Big Dawgs
The Great Space Coaster