Sophisticated Easy

Sophisticated Easy

 Staten Island, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Sophisticated Easy is a hip hop artist from Staten Island, NY who is trying to bring the New York sound back to hip hop. As well as put his borough Staten Island back on the map. He doesn't label himself as a certain type of rapper. Just a artist who puts his real life experiences out for people who might have experienced the same things. And for the people who didn't he is just giving them insight.


Sophisticated Easy

Sophisticated Easy, born Brandon Burel, is a hip-hop artist from Staten Island, New York. As the middle child of three boys being raised by a single, struggling mother, Sophisticated Easy turned to music as a way to express himself and to deal with the issues in his life that he felt he could not control. Starting at just 10 years old, Easy rapped about issues close to his heart such as the absence of his father, growing up too fast, and hustling. His friends and family recognized that his lyrics were anything but elementary, and he quickly became the voice of his neighborhood.

In addition to the struggles he faced in his youth, Sophisticated Easy drew inspiration from artists such as Jay-Z, Mase, Jada Kiss & DMX. His mother was also a gospel singer in a Baptist Church. The combination of these musical influences helped to mold his unique style, which is the perfect blend of street, hip-hop, and soul.

At the age of 15, under the name B-Easy, he joined a local rap group called the Sharpe Hustlers. Together, they made mix tapes that circulated around Staten Island and earned them local fame. It was simple for B-Easy to stand out as he brought diverse flows, relatable lyrics, and a mature perspective to the groups music.

In 2006, B-Easy released his first independent mix tape entitled It Is Wut It Is. This generated a lot of buzz and earned him the opportunity to perform at numerous clubs around New York City. These included Club Speed, Club Touch, Times Square Arts Center, and Club Bamboo. B-Easy also performed as an opening act for The Clipse at Club Avalon and appeared at local parties and clubs in Staten Island.

The success of his mix tape was greater than he had imagined, and B-Easy was sure that he would make it onto the hip-hop scene. He established connections and many promises were made that were, unfortunately, not kept. Repetitious disappointments discouraged B-Easy from pursuing music as a career. He prioritized hustling and demoted rapping to a hobby. He stopped recording in the studio and performing altogether.

After a two-year hiatus, B-Easy returned to hip-hop. Motivated and inspired by his best friend, Anthony Coop Cooper, who is also a member of the Sharpe Hustlers, B- Easy believed that he was the ticket out for the ones he loved. Fueled by Coops support, he reinvented himself and began to regard music more seriously. He changed his name to Sophisticated Easy, and together they began Sharpe Block Easy Money.

Since its inception, Sharpe Block Easy Money has performed around Staten Island and in New York City. They have also created buzz by throwing parties at which they perform and making YouTube videos that have gained them a solid following. Sophisticated Easy is currently working on his second mix tape called Im Busy (Long Overdue).

As an artist, Sophisticated Easy wants to be the poster child for Staten Island. I want to be to Staten Island what Biggie is to Brooklyn, says Easy. When asked why he raps, he responds: I rap because what I have to say, people should hear. Theres a story behind my words, and its bigger than wanting success and fame. He hopes to eventually become known as the best who has ever done it, and he is confident that hell achieve this goal.