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Soporus is the ambient vehicle for Saxon Shore's Will Stichter and Matthew Stone who explore nuclear power plants and disasters through their instrumental compositions.


Soporus (meaning to lull to sleep) began playing live in autumn 2005 and was founded as an ambient side project of Saxon Shore's Will Stichter and Matthew Stone. In early 2006, they scored the soundtrack for a documentarty short film, Re-Enactment, where children in war-torn Uganda explain tactics used by militia groups to recruit children for their war purposes. Their friend Andy Bruntel (Rilo Kiley, Bonnie Prince Billy, Mountain Goats) edited the film and enlisted their support. The duo began working on a short ep for a 4 band 2xLP split for Burnt Toast Vinyl, resulting in a 4 song cdep with an alternate fifth song to be used for the vinyl split.


Atómové Elektrárne cdep/LP autumn 2006

Set List

30 min