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"DJ Interview W/ Soren LaRue"

So we'll start off easy. Where are you from and where do you currently reside?

I've lived in Louisville since birth, so about 28 years now.

You're a student at Bellarmine College I hear. What do you study there?

I have 2 majors intended, and 1 minor. The primary major is music technology. Put simply its arrangement of music through computers. But I have had class at TNT studios in Louisville and Kentucky as well. The program is so sweet. My teacher and music director Richard Burchard kicks ass. He motivates the hell out of me and to top it all off has collaborated with me on some of the dance tracks I've put out under the pseudonym "Duyukta". Tim Heartel at TNT Studios is top notch too. He also helps master everything I have. The guy has such an ear for music. I'm also working on a piano minor to compliment the music tech major. As far as the other major is concerned, I have a bio chem major I am pursuing. I have been working on a patent for a new compound that actually cures warts by destroying the virus. All in all though, if my music career takes off, the chem degree will just be something fun to have.

Is this your first time spinning at Club Dream?

Yes it is.

How do you like it so far?

Nice atmosphere. A lot bigger than it looks on the outside.

Tell us a little about the release we're all here for?

The release was a collaboration with my music director(Richard Burchard), actually my teacher kind of asked me to work with him on some of his own music. So it kinda came to about 7 songs. It's pretty much a cross blend of different styles.

I understand you started spinning hip-hop in 92, why did you make a change to trance?

Well one night at Woodstock '94 I was enjoying the music and one of my friends came and got me for what was one of my first raves. Listening to all the sounds and the intricacy of the music was really appealing. So when I got home I decided to look into it a little more and since then it's been my passion.

Explain the concept "Live on Wax"?

Live on wax is pretty much a collaboration of using live pa while using vinyl. Just giving a sense of how I feel as the music plays, kinda giving it my own flavor.

We know that you've played with some of the biggest names in the business such as Richie Hawtin, Dj Irene, Richard "Humpty" Visson, and many more. But who has truly inspired you?

I'd say by far most of the trance has been inspired by Paul Van Dyke. The guy is like totally phenomenal as far as arrangement goes. I've been inspired by a lot of different types of areas, but as far as trance definitely Paul Van Dyke maybe Chicane.

So I also understand that you started 3 companies, tell us a little about each one.

Well, Liqwid Sound kinda went underground for a long time and hasn't re-surfaced. We used to throw some really big events but then we had some problems with one of the mayors of the cities so they kinda fizzled out. Symbiotic Multimedia is now became a corporation. Underneath of it houses Protium Recordings, Inner Circle Artist Management, and we also have Well Known Dj's which is kinda a sister company. So most of them are still around except Liqwid Sound and Symbiotic is now a head corporation.

You're also a representitive for UFO Clothing, what exactly does that require?

Mostly to just promote company. We get give aways to hand out to the crowd in return we try to promote the company by going to stores and trying to get them to carry the lines. You know, getting people interested in UFO clothing and accessories.

So what do you have planned for the future?

Well I've got a couple things on the burner. Were trying to finish off the seven songs that we have got going on right now as far as the dance tracks. And I've got close to 15 to 20 songs that I'm trying to break into radio. It's more or less a mixture of genera's; drum and bass, breaks, trip hop, and trance. I am also opening a body piercing school in September. For now, that's my bread and butter.

Last but not least, why do you still dj? I mean it seems like you have many profitable businesses and are doing pretty well. Why still play live?

Mixing records man is just fun to me. And I'm not really worried about the bread and butter although fame and money comes with it sometimes. This is just something I can do to get in front of people, have fun with them, and get to see them smile.

- Scene Tennessee (

"Fish Food Column #18 (1-29-03)"

This is the skinny on this Dance music remix deal. Acid Planet is where you go to get info, downloads, updates etc. for Acid- the Loop based production software industry standard we all know and love, and now one of the contests they have going on features the opportunity to remix a track by Soren Larue. Soren Larue is an incredible up and coming producer on the Label and South East Regional promotions giant Experimental Division- of Nashville Division X.

I was at a Rave in Nashville about five years ago and was blown away by the down to earth vibe, southern bells and budding scene of the area, but until Dustin Michael settled in and decided to flip the country music epicenter on it's ear by bringing in a slurry of production and DJ talent to the area, I didn't have any reason to go back. Now thanks to Michaels Passion and love for electronic music, and the great producers and DJ'S his team is working with, any baggy pants wearing glow stick toting electronic fan can be proud to rep Nashville.
Bottom line Soren Larue is going places fast so DJ’s, Producers, and remixers, don’t sleep on this awesome opportunity to get a remix production credit in this great contest.
- The Record Pool (


"Innerchild" (by Soren LaRue) - this song was remixed on Sony's there werew nearly 400 remixes for this track. it has received airplay in many different countries around the world. Its remix "Search for Innerchild" (by Adam Jay) has been used in a recent insurance commercial for

"Extra-terrestrial" (by Soren LaRue) has received airplay. Its remix (by Oko Tek) has been used in the same insurance commercial that "Search for Innerchild" was used.



Bithdate: 6-23-75

DJ Since: 1992

Producing Since: 1997

Current residence: Louisville, KY

Current influences: Elektrochemie LK, Chicane, Paul Van Dyk, Armin, Oliver Lieb, Oko Tek, Esthero, Thievery Corporation, Lamb

Styles spun : Trance (progressive, hard, goa / psychedelic), Tech House, House, Progressive Breaks

Music Produced: Trance, Techno, House, Breaks, Hip Hop, Trip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jungle and blended genres

Current Projects: Sensorium, Duyukta (Soren LaRue & Richard Burchard)

To date I have interned at Label X records in Louisville, KY. I have taught the music program Propellarheads Reason at Bellarmine University, and I have trained at TNT Studios in Louisville, KY.
A long time in the making, I began my journey as a skate rink DJ in 1992. During an excursion to Woodstock 1994, I became familiar with electronic music. It was upon this fateful trip that would define my life from here on out.

Once going by "Dakotum," I now embrace the world as myself. Continuing my pursuit of the electronic world by expanding the knowledge I have and my experiences. I currently am majoring in Music Technology and minoring in Piano, and due to graduate in 05. My teacher and friend now collaborates on music with me, pushing out
trance, house and other genres in between.

My music is not limited to one genre or another. Each song has a sense of something more than the normal, and the love for hybrid genres has lead me to the creations that he I produce.

Whether it be trance, house, jungle, breaks, trip hop, or R&B....if my emotions feel it it will be placed in a piece of music.

My journeys have led me to play in many different cities and states. To date he has played in: Louisville, KY / Lexington, KY / Bowling Green, KY / Indianapolis, IN / Muncie, IN / Cinci, OH / Cleveland, OH / Augusta, GA / Binghamton, NY / Ithica, NY / Syracuse, NY / Houston, TX / Des Moines, IA / Birmingham, AL / Montgomery, AL / Nashville, TN / St. Louis, MO / Kansas City, MO. I have headlined in KY, GA, IN, TN, AL and NY on several occasions

I have mixed and remixed several works. My music as well has been remixed by some of the most clever minds in the United States. the list of artists he has worked with include Robbie Hardkiss, Oko Tek (Holmes Ives), Adam Jay, Tom Newman (Acidpimp), DJ Nitro, DJ Booth, Astrid Suryanto, Aimee, and APX.