Soren LaRue

Soren LaRue


If i had one word to describe my music it would be unique. Being classically trained at Bellarmine University, I have learned the deepness of the earliest forms of music. Incorporate that with todays dance genres and the cross-breeds would be my style. i live for blending styles and ideas.


Bithdate: 6-23-75

DJ Since: 1992

Producing Since: 1997

Current residence: Louisville, KY

Current influences: Elektrochemie LK, Chicane, Paul Van Dyk, Armin, Oliver Lieb, Oko Tek, Esthero, Thievery Corporation, Lamb

Styles spun : Trance (progressive, hard, goa / psychedelic), Tech House, House, Progressive Breaks

Music Produced: Trance, Techno, House, Breaks, Hip Hop, Trip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jungle and blended genres

Current Projects: Sensorium, Duyukta (Soren LaRue & Richard Burchard)

To date I have interned at Label X records in Louisville, KY. I have taught the music program Propellarheads Reason at Bellarmine University, and I have trained at TNT Studios in Louisville, KY.
A long time in the making, I began my journey as a skate rink DJ in 1992. During an excursion to Woodstock 1994, I became familiar with electronic music. It was upon this fateful trip that would define my life from here on out.

Once going by "Dakotum," I now embrace the world as myself. Continuing my pursuit of the electronic world by expanding the knowledge I have and my experiences. I currently am majoring in Music Technology and minoring in Piano, and due to graduate in 05. My teacher and friend now collaborates on music with me, pushing out
trance, house and other genres in between.

My music is not limited to one genre or another. Each song has a sense of something more than the normal, and the love for hybrid genres has lead me to the creations that he I produce.

Whether it be trance, house, jungle, breaks, trip hop, or R&B....if my emotions feel it it will be placed in a piece of music.

My journeys have led me to play in many different cities and states. To date he has played in: Louisville, KY / Lexington, KY / Bowling Green, KY / Indianapolis, IN / Muncie, IN / Cinci, OH / Cleveland, OH / Augusta, GA / Binghamton, NY / Ithica, NY / Syracuse, NY / Houston, TX / Des Moines, IA / Birmingham, AL / Montgomery, AL / Nashville, TN / St. Louis, MO / Kansas City, MO. I have headlined in KY, GA, IN, TN, AL and NY on several occasions

I have mixed and remixed several works. My music as well has been remixed by some of the most clever minds in the United States. the list of artists he has worked with include Robbie Hardkiss, Oko Tek (Holmes Ives), Adam Jay, Tom Newman (Acidpimp), DJ Nitro, DJ Booth, Astrid Suryanto, Aimee, and APX.



Written By: Soren LaRue, Amber Estes

ive been traumatized
finally realized
that everything i want
never turns out right

my world
has collapsed in front of me
im feeling helpless
and a little selfish

Through your eyes ive seen
the truth you represent
the truth you percieved

the thoughts in your heart you've made clear
the me you still resent
the me your still hold dear

fragile butterfly

reckless nights
endless fights
in the back of my mind
i knew you hated me
for all those times

i chose to lie
i just dont know why
the values that you once held close
have became mine

Thru your eyes ive seen
the truth you represent
the truth you perceived


"Innerchild" (by Soren LaRue) - this song was remixed on Sony's there werew nearly 400 remixes for this track. it has received airplay in many different countries around the world. Its remix "Search for Innerchild" (by Adam Jay) has been used in a recent insurance commercial for

"Extra-terrestrial" (by Soren LaRue) has received airplay. Its remix (by Oko Tek) has been used in the same insurance commercial that "Search for Innerchild" was used.

Set List

no set list is typical. I spin mostly trance, tech-house and progressive breaks. If its somking hot or has a great melody im playing it.