Munich, Bavaria, DEU

Big, grandiose, modern, glamorous, but nevertheless down to earth, hard, dirty, and emotional, Sorgente's new album LET ME IN contains a sound aesthetic that combines the best from 1982 to 2020



Not without a reason SORGENTE were the only German band being invited to perform at some of the world’s best reputed festivals - the Montreal Jazz Festival and Montreux Jazz Festival - in the year 2008 - and this even though the band has very little in common with the traditional word Jazz in the first place...

With Their new album LET ME IN, Sorgente created something that sounds different to all that sounded out of the Bavarian capital Munich within the last 30 years. A record that still proves the deep groove roots of these six guys, but contains sounds you'd normally have to canvass all clubs of a big city these days. Grandiose, modern, glamorous, but nevertheless down to earth, hard, dirty, and emotional, LET ME IN contains a sound aesthetic that combines the best from 1980 to 2020. The band managed the rare artifice to find the exact dosage between megalomania and humbleness, arrogance and vulnerability, pomp and vigor, instability and clarity you need for the perfect crash, but also for a balanced and content life... MUSICWEEK (germany)

Being a pure acoustic band at the beginning, SORGENTE created and perfected a sound during the last three years that seems not only to unite influences from the last 40 years, but captivates especially with the omnipresent almighty GROOVE, moreover an incredible love and creativity in realizing their very special visions of sound.

The Italian word “Sorgente” means "source" or "foutain"; and from such a source the band seems to draw inexhaustibly when brewing their very own magic potion to revive and excite themselves as well as their audience.

Lovingly and virtuously arranged harmony vocals meet with sixties & seventies rock elements that groove along with hard hitting Funk and electro beats just to, finally, melt into songs that float into the ears without any resistance and become firmly fixed in one’s mind.

Listening to SORGENTE, one may have pictures in his mind of funk- & soul-icons like Prince, George Clinton & Funkadelic, Mandrill, Rare Earth or the Isley Brothers – as well as rock giants like the Beatles, Crosby Stills & Nash or Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad to mention but a few. Timeless music so to say, but with a whole new special SORGENTE flavor to this all …
SORGENTE are back!

Not a Comeback – but rather a homecoming from an incredibly successful trip to Los Angeles.

The six guys from Munich were the first Band to ever play at Musexpo LA, the most important music convention of California – and their impact exceeded all expectations.
Their showcase at the legendary Viper Room on Sunset where River Phoenix allegedly overdosed, was celebrated frenetically.
The feeback to the show was unique in musexpo history, the common response to the gig was: "incredible live act and best band that has ever played musexpo!"

Some Reactions in detail:

„Thank you so much for bringing out Sorgente to help make MUSEXPO such a success, I think they stole the show!“ (musexpo organizers – AnR Worldwide)

„Manic Munich sextet Sorgente took over the Viper Room stage and immediately had the capacity Viper Room crowd bobbin' and boppin' to their funky grooves and smoother moves. (...) Are these guys really from Munich, or some Borat-style impostors from Motown? Who knows for sure...but judging by the inadvertant ‚Wow!’ we heard just as their last number concluded, does it really matter?“ (official Musexpo Blog)

„I heard fantastic harmonies and definitely felt the soul exuding from all members. (...) Funktastic!“ (LA Music_Blog)

„I predict that Sorgente will win many Grammies!“ (Melrose Larry Green – former Co-Producer of the Howard Stern-Show)

“ALIVE” – opener of the current Sorgente Album “Let Me In” is in rotation on several national radio stations since April.
Straight after the concert was finished, the first influential business-partners were already expressing their serious interest in working with the band in the United States. As a result of this, “Let Me In” will be released in the USA in fall and the first small tour will follow too.

But this is only the commercial aspect – The band’s experiences in Los Angeles were way beyond everybody’s expectations.
“Take “Spinal Tap” and multiply by “Boogie Nights” and you might fairly get an idea of how it was. – And yes, every single cliché about this city is true!” is how guitarist Dr.Jacobsen describes it.

Among many stories, the photo shooting with legendary Rock’n’Roll photographer Glen Laferman is the one that has to be told. Usually retired from the business, Glen Laferman made an exception for Sorgente and so the six guys were photographed by the same person who did Tom Waits’ first session as well as Bob Marley’s last one and in the meantime shot artists like Eddie Van Halen, Slash, John Frusciante, Kiss, Aerosmith und Frank Zappa to name but a few.

Another highlight, although not a too positive one was certainly the eviction from



Written By: Oliver Spagna, Fabio Spagna

working in the MW Research,
traffic in my brain, that’s the deal,
it makes me feel insane.
I got my moves, I got my styles
and I’m still funky “.
I left the scene for this shit
and it ain’t funny.

everything she has said and done
sick old cunt for everyone
and I say yes sir.
I wanna move to my fellas
yes sir,
I wanna move

I just want you to know that I’m alive

sleeping in a bed,
in a house with my parents
I got a girlfriend and she says I got to move with here,
a zoom in the freezer
I’m the lazy leazer
my wallet’s empty
and I just need some money

Shit, what’s up,
in the air
there’s something which makes me care
about the future
I wanna move to my fellas
i wanna move

I just want...

Everything’s so rude inside , everything’s so true inside, oh yeah

I got a feeling for all you guys, tripping and slipping

WE ARE THE SAME - extended album version

Written By: Fabio spagna/ Oliver Spagna / Peter Pazmandi / Jakob Biazza

We are the same

Let’s start to lose the ground
Escape from being bound
With every story told
A sea of chances will be unfold

It seems to me some people are careless
They try to break free while moving on the surface
We are in right now!!
This world’s going down
It need to be said, we’re not alone, not dead

We are the same
We’re not to tame
We are the same
Searching for real

We are the same
We’re not to tame
A common aim
Searching for real

I’m moving upstairs
While I’m floating deeper
Scenes are passing inverse
Sometimes I need her
and I’m gonna soak up the sun
and I’m not the only one

Clouds they drift apart
Sun is shining through
Above the sky is blue
Maybe we could spent some time
Out of our mind
Cause we


Roots Hunting (2002)
Big City Bootleg (2004)
First ... and Then ?! (2006)
EP Pumpin (2006)
Let me in (2008)

Set List


and many more

Set-lengh from minimum 45 min up to 120 minutes of pure energetic stadium rock & grooves ;-)