Sorocco Drive

Sorocco Drive


Sorocco Drive are 6 piece neo gypsy swing band with big rhythms, funky beats and suave vocals,

Is being different the new trend? possibly but the band feel they have always done there own thing there latest ep shines with something modern and original.


Formed in 2004 Sorocco Drive have released 3 eps and have now scompleted thier latest addition ‘ who brought the French guy?, with the addition of percussion and another set of strings the bands sounds funky and emphatic, yes the rock roots may not be showing but their unique edge still shines through.
As cliche as it is each member truly brings there own style and grit to the table, gypsyjazz, funk/ pop and yes even a bit of hardcore.

neo gyspsy swing is not something they throw around lightly it combines exactly what sorocco drive are all about, high energy with extra quirk. The live experience of sorocco is an area the boys feel most at home, if you can't tap your feet or nod your head to the music then your not at the right place.

Jazz hangouts and ultra cool urban scenes do not confine the band, if theres a good vibe they'll play, The gigs are coming thick and fast so be sure to check to band out their usually playing somewhere in Manchester. The bands latest track ‘Blue Skies’ is due for release along with there debut video so be sure to get ready to feel the hook once more.


Ep 2012- Who brought the French guy?
Lead Single - Blue skies
(video is currently being edited, has been added to pure fm and also university playlists'

Ep 2011 - Self Titled
Lead Single - Knocking

Ep 2009 - Falling Into
lead Single - let go

Set List

Ocasional Jacket
Moon Bathing
Tick Tockin
Blue Skies
Jazz Club