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Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop Dream Pop





Charlottetown dream popsters Sorrey are set to release their debut EP Thick as Thieves later this summer, but before it arrives, they've offered up a brand new single called "Washington" — and Exclaim! has got your exclusive first listen.

The group is fronted by singer and guitarist Emilee Sorrey, though she gets some musical reinforcement from producer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Buchanan (of Paper Lions), keyboardist Willow Bell, guitarist Andrew Murray and drummer Thayne Campbell.

They come together to deliver sweet melodic tunes that blend lo-fi guitars, electro synths, vintage drum machines and airy vocals into dream pop gems. "Washington" is a shining example of their bubbly, summertime-friendly sound — despite the fact it that tackles the emotional subject matter and complicated personal relationships.

Thick As Thieves was produced, mixed and mastered by Buchanan at the Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown and is set to arrive on July 24. For now, though, let the dreamy new single "Washington," uh, wash over you by hitting play below. - Sarah Murphy - Exclaim

"PEI's Latest Export: Sorrey, not sorry."

You probably haven’t had a chance to see dreamy, smooth indie-pop band Sorrey unless you live on PEI.

“We’ve been offered shows and we have to turn them all down,” says Emilee Sorrey, the band’s leader (singer, songwriter, guitar-player, namesake). Juggling bandmates with multiple gigs comes with the territory for Sorrey; the band’s composed of some of the best musicians in town, including Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions). Guitarist Andrew Murray is booked solid, playing in two shows a day, six days a week all summer in Anne and Gilbert: The Musical.

Buchanan and Sorrey connected to produce a demo with a Music PEI grant, but once they got going together at his Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown, everything clicked. They switched gears and jumped into making the Thick as Thieves, the groups debut EP coming out July 25.

From there, Buchanan rounded up the rest of the crew including Murray, Willow Bell (Whaleskin) on keys and Thayne Campbell on drums.

“It blew my mind because I’d be too scared to ask these people and I look up to them so much,” says Sorrey.

Sorrey’s first band was indie-pop band Colour Code. The band’s Houle EP was a promising start, winning Music PEI’s New Artist of the Year award in 2014, but things fizzled out and everyone moved on or moved away.

“I think it was better I got some of the kinks worked out,” says Sorrey. “Looking back I’m horrified at some of the stupid things we’d do.”

Now her (last) name’s out front and she has a line up she calls “a dream come true.” She wanted to use her name to allow the project to grow with her going forward, but putting your full name on a bill often gets people jumping to conclusions about your sound, especially as a woman. “You kind of get pigeon-holed as a singer-songwriter if you go by your own name,” says Sorrey. It helps her last name is on-trend as a band name with words spelled slightly differently for SEO assistance (example: Alvvays, a band also featuring Islanders). - Mixtape Magazine

"EP Stream"

Charlottetown dream pop unit Sorrey are set to deliver their debut EP next week, but before Thick as Thieves officially arrives, Exclaim! is streaming the six-song set in its entirety.

Led by their namesake Emily Sorrey, the group are rounded out by producer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Buchanan of Paper Lions, keyboardist Willow Bell, guitarist Andrew Murray and drummer Thayne Campbell. We previously heard their sparkly blend of melodic synth-pop on lead single "Washington," and they keep that spirit shining throughout the rest of the EP.

Opener "Lowest Hanging Fruit" pulls the listener in with Sorrey's sweet, airy vocals and then descends into an extended instrumental spiral of hazy synths and lo-fi guitars. "You Love Me" adds some groove to the mix with ringing guitars and an island-esque backbeat, while "Lost & Found" and "My Fault" drive home the album's constant "unapologetic reminder of how the heart pulses strongly during our fading romances."

Finally, the closing title track gives listener's one last sampling of Sorrey's "direct-to-the-heart lyricism," buoyed by vocal harmonies from Buchanan and playful synth lines that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Thick as Thieves is officially out on July 24, but you can give it an early listen in the player below. - Exclaim!

"5 Canadian Acts to Look Out For in 2015"

"One song seems not to be much to go on, but that's not the case for PEI's Emilee Sorrey. The tiny island hasn't produced a good pop act in a bit, and with the release of her first single "You Love Me," chances are it could be Sorrey. The "jangly" guitars of the song bring to mind the Smiths and even the early music of PEI's Molly Rankin, now known more popular as the lead singer of Alvvays.
But it's brushes of other things that make Sorrey unique. The gentle clattering of percussion and a little bit of synthesizer, in addition to her breezy vocals, make "You Love Me" a mouth-watering taste of what's to come. Apparently her debut EP will be out in the "near future," so let's hope this translates to a big 2015." -

"Audio/Visual Hoots: The Bandicoots, Emilee Sorrey, So Young, The Written Years, Gdansk and daysdeaf"

"Everything feels easy and fresh in Emilee Sorrey’s song “You Love Me.” The subtle gentle electronic elements allow the song to warmly drift by but it’s the backing classical guitar really kicks things up. “You Love Me” feels like a summer’s day where the humidity won’t quit and poor decisions are made; somehow making it perfect for this season. Keep watch for that upcoming debut EP!" - Greyowl Point

"Brewing Co. Concocts a Treat of a Show"

The second half of the Songwriter’s Show contained unique elements as well, as it was lovely to hear Colour Code vocalist Emilee Sorrey perform in a solo context without the layers of a full band around her, where the character of her voice could be purely enjoyed, through songs with compelling arrangements like Thick as Thieves and You Love Me. - The Guardian (PEI)

"Sorrey - My Fault (Video)"

East Coast synth-pop unit Sorrey delivered their debut EP Thick as Thieves last year, and now the band have given some visual treatment to "My Fault" from the same record.

"The song is about a white-flag approach to an argument and resorting to the path of least resistance," frontwoman Emilee Sorrey tells Exclaim! "There's a certain immediate relief in surrender, and the video aims to capture the melancholic nature of this type of resolve."

Focusing on the singer submerged in a clawfoot bathtub, the whole clip is shot from a single angle "to evoke the often helpless and monotonous existence that results from relying on this passive approach to conflict."

You can catch the band live at their upcoming Halifax show on March 11 at the Seahorse Tavern. Before that, though, check out the exclusive video premiere of "My Fault" in the player below. -

"East Coast Music Awards: A look at some of the PEI artists nominated"

Excerpt: "SORREY's Thick As Thieves also got a nod for Pop Recording of the Year, with Emilee Sorrey heading up the dream-pop group." - CBC

"Pop dreams and deam pop: Sorrey"

From young up-and-coming singer songwriters like Emilee Sorrey - the urge to grow one’s name recognition can be enticing, but as it turns out she had slightly different ideas.

“I didn’t want to be put in that same box; I wanted to be something different, but still have some ownership.”

Explaining how her band name came to mirror her own (but not quite exactly), Sorrey explains that in her region of the country -Prince Edward Island- a female singer performing under their own name often carries a distinct sound - not her sound. Instead, she and her band perform under the simpler moniker SORREY. It shouldn’t surprise readers to discover that Emilee Sorrey is all about attention to detail - the dreamy pop vibes her tracks give off are perfect examples of the care that goes into the construction of her music.
As it turns out that care commingles well with the ideas of others. Having recently recruited a lineup of all-islanders composed of Colin Buchanan (multi-instrumentalist) Willow Bell (keys), Thayne Campbell (drums) and Andrew Murray (guitar). With the backing and creative collaboration of all four members Sorrey say she’s incredibly thrilled to see what happens when her ideas come to life in the studio and on the stage. Of course, this is only natural when every member participates in multiple musical projects. The chemistry is there to the point that Sorrey says she’s “easily impressed” when working with the band, no small feat given this young musician is also something of a visionary about her music and brand. Beyond having carefully chosen the band name, Sorrey reveals that she had also pictured the images art and photography that would be used to promote her EP Thick as Thieves before the album was recorded.
With their star now rising, SORREY are just getting used to the idea that accolades and awards are sure to follow; in fact, the East Coast Music Association has tabbed SORREY as a finalist for the category of Pop Recording of the Year at their annual awards ceremony. SORREY has the support of listeners as well; in addition to a busy slate of local shows the band have found themselves at the top of local charts and on the airwaves far away from home as well. Reflecting on her proudest moments so far in her young career she reveals that interest in her music from faraway places such as Vancouver or Berlin -places she’s never visited- are some of the most satisfying experiences she’s had.
It’s easy to see how her refreshing and honest approach towards her music translates into songs with broad appeal. “It’s pop and I’m proud of that... I would use words like ethereal and dreamy” she explains when trying to describe her signature sound. Of course, like any good musician, Sorrey is open to evolution; the free flowing jams that she’s recently been a part of when performing onstage are finding their way into songs she had written before the band was ever formed. As the writing continues and the moving pieces keep falling into place, one thing is for certain, Emilee Sorrey’s passion, and her star, are on the rise. - Decompoz Magazine


"Saw a great new band last night. SORREY. I think I got a rad shot too. Captures the free-wheelin'-dark-prom-stoner-dreaminess of their sound. I want to write a John Hughes style film just for this band. BIG LOVE! ‪#‎ECMW2016‬"
-David Hayman, Supergroup Sonic Branding Co. - David Hayman


Thick as Thieves (July 24th, 2015) EP



Sorrey is a carbonated mix of dream pop, drifting lo-fi guitars and electro synth hooks through sun-soaked soundscapes. The new Charlottetown-based group recently unveiled their first EP, entitled Thick As Thieves, which was nominated for a 2016 East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the Year and five 2016 Music PEI Awards, including SOCAN Songwriter of the Year for the song "Washington". 

Make no mistake, Sorrey deliver an unapologetic reminder of how the heart pulses strongly during our fading romances. The band is led by chanteuse and guitarist Emilee Sorrey. Across six finely crafted songs, her direct-to-the-heart lyricism never loses its conviction. The voice is retrospective, but Thick As Thieves only uses the rearview mirror to put on tonight's lipstick.

Sonically, the record achieves the same vision. Sorrey layer analog synthesizers, nylon-string guitars and vintage drum machines, all borrowed from sentimental 80s records, to cultivate an EP that is uniquely stylish and contemporary. Acclaimed Island producer and multi-instrumentalist Colin Buchanan (Paper Lions) is Emilee Sorrey's creative collaborator. They are joined by Charlottetown scene notables Willow Bell (keys), Thayne Campbell (drums) and Andrew Murray (guitar).

Together, the band has compiled agile melodies, ageless choruses and contagious rhythms into an unmistakable summer soundtrack. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Buchanan at the Hill Sound Studio in Charlottetown, PEI. Thick As Thieves is available on cassette, CD, and digitally on their website ''.

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