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Sorry and the Sinatras

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"Sorry and the Sinatras -"

So punk 'n' roll has all been done? Okay wise guy, four questions for ya: Yeah? And? So? What? Classical music has all been done too, but did Beethoven bitch? Well, we don't know, but when it's this good it raises itself head and shaft above the sludge. They've toured with the mighty Loyalties, and we're talking same vein, different arm. Sinatra hated rock 'n' roll - this would have had him crooning woefully and whining for 'the mob' to bust an ass in their cap, which quite frankly sucks (unlike this, which rocks like a school bus dangling over a cliff edge with the fat kid wanking in the back). Don't be sorry Scott, this is fucking superb. - Rocksound Magazine Review - May 09


"Highball Roller"
Undergroove Records U.K.
Revelation records U.S.

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Sorry and the Sinatras was formed in 2007 by founding members Scott Sorry (yours truly), Roger Segal, and Lenny Thomas. Though we're all Philadelphia natives, we met while touring in different bands. I was poorly filling Nikki Sixx's shoes in Brides of Destruction, while Roger and Lenny laid down the rhythm and half the female population of the east coast in Trashlight Vision. Though it was most likely booze soaked and stimulant fueled, an intant connection was made.

Two years later, we found ourselves in Manchester, New Hampshire of all places. Why not? Years of touring with people we couldn't stand, bad record deals, and musical compromises had finally taken their toll. We were tired and beat up from all the bullshit. We decided to form the band we'd all dreamed of being in ever since we were snot nosed little kids breaking strings on stolen equipment. We'd play OUR music! We'd pull from our influences like The Dead Boys, The Replacements, The Descendents, and X. Most of all, we were gonna love writing music again. Nothing artsy or pretentious, just straight ahead, hard drinkin, shit talkin, dirty punk-n-roll. Every song was written about life experiences and kept as brutally honest as possible.

We took the name Sorry and the Sinatras from a quote in the book "Mystic River" by Dennis Lehane. He called his crew of thieves "Sad Eyed Sinatras" and it seemed to fit. Within six months we'd opened for the New York Dolls, performed on a nationally syndicated television program, headlined clubs all up and down the U.S. east coast, written more songs than we could count and signed a record deal with Rocksound Magazine editor Darren Sadler's Undergroove Records. Not bad for a few fuck ups from Philly. With the addition of long time friend and token brit Dave Cherrykick on guitar, we set off to England to record "HIghball Roller". Named after the drink we wrote it on, "Highball Roller" was recorded throughout August 08. It's a record about heartache, addiction, violence and hope played by a bunch of guys who mean every word. Now let us play your club or we'll burn it down..