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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop


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LP: The Diary Of Justice
Singles: ''Fear down'', ''More Sound'', ''Atras'',



Rappers rap, an artist creates a picture! SOS954 strives to express Matters of justice and freedom in his music as they are embedded in the core of his heart, By Poetically putting words together with the sound of hip hop. He believes that we know to much, to just turn our face away from social issues. In his song '' the diary of justice'' he rhymes about modern day slavery and sex trafficking. The song ''Fear Down'' he talks about the fear of caring for people and the apathy we deal with. He rather speak about hope and life than to make music that is self centered and egotistical. Rich and real lyrics that hits home. a breath of life to our culture.
Born in a favela (slum) on the west side of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Sostenes (SOS) Lima was raised in a christian home. His father was a local pastor. At the tender age of 1, he suffered a bus accident which left him handicap. The Doctors told his parents that he wouldn't be able to walk straight again. But without doubt, his parents faithfully trusted God for healing. Miraculously by the age of 4, he started to walk again. Growing up in brazil, he experienced the guts and glory of 3rd world poverty. Violence, death, disease and sickness stuck closer than a brother to his childhood experience. Since his father worked with an airlines company, Sostenes (SOS) and his family had the opportunity to go the US. When he was 8yrs old, Sostenes and his family boarded a plane headed to Miami, Florida.
In January 1995, his parents, three siblings and grandma stepped in to a whole new life style in America. Wide-eyed, they experienced for the first time air conditioning, hot water, shower, a car and so on. Wasting no time, Sostenes and his brothers dove in headfirst to American sports like basketball and Football. Being athletic was a natural gift among the Lima family. Although they excelled in their talent and passion for sports, they were enticed by the whereabouts in the streets. Lured away by the life of money, girls, and status, they found themselves drowning in lust, pleasure and greed. Struggling to keep his head above water, Sostenes barely attended class in high school, and was labeled a "trouble" kid. As he was tryin' to make a name for himself, he got caught up with the wrong crowds. One thing led to the next and eventually he dropped out of school and started making wrong choices which left him homeless. With no place to sleep at night, he got by sleeping over at friend's houses. No money, no food, and no home drove him to steal from anything he could get his hands on. He began persuing his passion music, and joined a rap group called PTP Boyz. The rap group gave him status, and a reputation among his home town. The group had local radio plays and performed in night clubs on a weekly basis in Miami and surrounding areas. Sometime stirred deep inside him after a gig at a club. Glamours on the outside, yet broken and empty on the inside. Only one seed of hope let him know that that life style could not fullfill him, yet that there was more. He rushed to his temporary home and humbly cried out to God. Saying, "Jesus, I'm sick and tired of this life! I hate the music I'm making. It doesn't have no life and doesn't uplift people. I don't really have a place to sleep and I feel like im an inconvinience everywhere i go. My brother is in jail, and everybody else in my family is unemployed." He felt the spirit whisper, "Sostenes, I'm here for you, pack your bags and move to north carolina where your family is doing ministry".
In 3 days, he was one his way to Charlotte, NC without knowing what was going to happen to him. His older brother and a friend started a organization, UA ministry whose mission was to invest in troubled youth through music and personal testimony. With that beginning, he worked full time in ministry. Sostenes coordinated events to help out troubled youths, serving food to the needy and connecting youth leaders to kids that needed a good role model. Relationships were developed through accountability, friendship and healthy discipline. After 2 years, the UA Ministry project moved to Puerto Rico to plant a local church called, Iglesia Salvatio.
Sostenes (SOS) being in Charlotte, was drawn to get connected to church community called Renovatus. His journey entailed discipleship, mentorship and life together. His natural heart for justice and the broken was united to a body who served faithfully the oppressed. Now, his part of the churches justice team that currently serving a refugee neighborhood where they share the gospel, meet physical needs and build relationships. His new journey in discovering who he was truely created to be is expressed through his service to others and the vulnerability of his music. Matters of justice and freedom are expressed in his music as they are embedded in the core of his heart. SOS continues to follow the calling of Isaiah 61.
Sostenes is serving the youth at Renovatus, and hopes to one day devote himself to full