BandHip Hop

My music has a very original sound, i've performed at car shows, i think i'd do really good at colleges, i've got some songs that are gangsta rap, i got some songs that are more like too short and 2 live crew, i've got over 67,000 plays on myspace.


I hustle & flow. I’ll grind till I shine. I dress so fresh. I dress so clean. I look money. I smell of Armani. I can cut up and I can get down. I believe in God but we don’t always see eye to eye. I speak truth. I spit wisdom. I think in rhyme. I like low cars. I like big trucks. I club hop. I bar hop. I party. I like to drink but I love to smoke. I handle business before pleasure. I love Hip Hop and my only competition is myself. Scarface said real gangstas don’t flex nuts cause real gangstas know they got em so don’t talk about it be about it. If it ain’t about money then it don’t make cents. Frank Sinatra said "You only have one life to live but if you live a life like mine then one is enough". So fire up a Philly or raise your glass and toast to just havin fun and being ya self.
Nice to meet cha.
I’m Sosa.


I'm wrappin up a 15 song album right now, I've got a couple songs that have been played at a few clubs, I've got over 67,000 plays on myspace.

Set List

Raw, Country Bumpkin, Sex Sex, I'm Sosa, Man in my City, Smokn Out Tha Barn, For Tha Funds, Dirty South Cack, Click Click Bang Bang.......My set usually runs around 30 min.