Owosso, Michigan, USA

[Genre: passionate/aggressive indie-rock]--- music can be the most influential tool and we use it to share our hearts in all sincerity and honesty, through our failures and triumphs of life.


Over the years, we have realized that all we could ever offer anyone was honesty. This was evident in our music, relationships, and our lives. The music stemming from sosaveme is a reflection of our passion to share what lies within our hearts- whether it be the good or the bad that resides in them. It is this kind of honesty that unites us to those who listen to our music.

Like most bands, we've toured, slept in a van, practically bought that entire van over again part by part, played shows for two kids, played shows for hundreds of kids, and battled life on the road since 2005. However, through all these highs and lows, it's the people that have come to matter most. If there was one thing we would like to be known for, it would be the band that people actually knew as genuine, caring individuals; not just distant performers on a stage. The ability for us to connect to those around us has a direct reflection upon our lives, and consequently, our music.

People always ask us, "What style of music do you play?". This question poses one of the toughest questions for any band to define these days. However, we once heard someone describe us as "passionate and aggressive indie-rock". This description seemed to have enough correct adjectives to get the interest we were hoping to receive. We have been describing ourselves as "passionate and aggressive indie-rock" ever since.

Since our last full length release of "A Ghost at Sea" during August of 2009, we've heard a lot of people say they enjoy the whole album- from start to finish. Our goal with "A Ghost at Sea" was to simply reflect an honest portrayal of our hope, our doubts, our triumphs, and our failures. This album was the first time we had assembled that amount songs for one record. We began to view "A Ghost at Sea" as a complete project; not just individual songs thrown together to fill up a CD. Rather than viewing each song as a separate entity, this album was something that could be put on repeat and take the listener on a journey of different moods and styles. We feel like this was accomplished, but leave it to the listener to decided and form their own opinion.

The future of sosaveme poses many promising avenues: new songs are being written and tours are being booked. We've stepped into a new phase of business orientation to support the artistic vision in our hearts. It seems as if doors are opening for us; every time we do something we try to bring our best attitudes, full of optimism and joy. We believe these new avenues and optimistic attitudes, mixed with hard work, is enough to keep sosaveme going and growing for a long time to come.

These are our thoughts and opinions; as always, feel free to develop your own about us.
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Written By: sosaveme

gentle whispers beneath the sheets
invite these thoughts behind our seams
gentle lovers become thieves
they're trading what's left to traverse seas
when we get out of this ship we both know's going down
just in sight of land
its sink or swim to shore

oh God, oh God
how can you look down in love
when You know just what I'm thinking of
its Your grace that's left for me that I'll waste

let's stop to hear the lullabies of demons singing us to sleep

I wanna wake
cause I've been dreaming for so long I can't tell
what's real to me
and I thought I knew You well
but these hands, oh these hands
they lead me to death
and I can't stop this sin
it's trying to get out

oh where oh where did our hearts end up
did we give them away when we should lift them up

The Sea

Written By: sosaveme

there's a storm that's brewing
and we have lost our course
through a sea of a million voices
that speak as though they lead us
and we have found our shipwrecked
on the rocks that line the shore
with the absence of a light house
we burned out long before

the waves come crashing
the water fills our lungs
can anyone save us
cause we can't save ourselves
but through the raging sea
is that shadow of a man
running on the water
with outstretched hands saying
I can save cause I am grace

cause you're more than sunday mornings
you're more than a leather book
that lies unopened beside our beds
cause you're more than the words that I speak
you're more than the songs that I sing
Lord You are life that makes me live

and God I know You hear us as we sing


A Ghost at Sea (self released Full Length) 2009
1. A ghost at sea
2. The Death of Adam (featured on 101.7 Midland Michigan)
3. From the Surface
4. Colossus
5. Interlude
6. Lullabies
7. The Crafty Harlot
8. Love Takes Pt. 1
9. Love Takes Pt. 2
10. The Sea
11. Hallelujah

Three Days in December EP (self released) 2008
1. The Hymn
2. The Crafty Harlot (acoustic)
3. Interlude
4. The Sea (piano version)
5. Fields and Trees

Even the Trees EP (One & Three Records) 2006
1. Your Hand Withdrawn
2. Waiting and Waiting
3. ...Will Lift Their Hands
4. Escaping Through a Bedroom Window
5. No Words
6. The Great Deception

Self Titled (self released) 2005

Set List

We do all orginals.