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Elijah Lewis, (born July 15, 1993) better know by his stage name "SoSiK", is an American Rapper and Music Producer. Known for his lyrical prowess and innovative sound. Making the jump from underground rhyme monster to being hailed as the next MC to blow
he started off by gaining buzz on youtube doing Remixes to other Hip Hop songs a popular one is Drake's over My Dead Body. he released 2 Mixtapes (Cover Beast,Free Verse Friday) and 2 Ep (F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S, Head Above The Clouds)"SoSik" is currently in the studio working on his debut album set for 2014.

Early Life
Born to Shundobie Coleman and Clarence Lewis, SoSiK spent most of his early childhood
in Flint Michigan. SoSiK spent most of his time as a child listening to rap legends from Tupac to the Wu Tang Clan. He started writing lyrics just for fun and not really taking it serious at the age of 9.
Already becoming a hip-hop head as posters of rap Legend Tupac covered his walls.
While he was far too young to realize it back then, SoSiK was on a path to becoming an MC.
He begin to take writing more serious around the age of 15 and also took up learning as much as possible
about music production. Which made him want to produce music as well since he didn't have anyone to make beats for him to rhyme on.

2010 Cover Beast,Free Verse Friday
SoSiK started to release remixes to other songs that where popular at the time. One
being a remix to Drake's over My Dead Body. He package all the remixes he did and titled it Cover Beast which gain some attention in the Youtube Community and his fan base begin to grow.
In early 2011 he went on to release a free verse(A small remix to popular songs) every friday while working on
his first mixtape to let his fans know that he didn't forget about them and to let them know the wait would soon be over.

2012 Head Above the Clouds,FLAWLESS
In March of 2012 SoSiK release the mixtape Head Above The Clouds which he says is a testament of
where he was at in his life at the moment. Head Above The Clouds created a massive buzz that gained
A&R's Attention from Def Jam and Interscope he decided not to sign and go solo to not lose creative control over his art. Head Above The Clouds can be describe as being a soulful testament of the pain and struggle of his life. After a month of its release SoSiK hit twitter to let it be known that is first commercial release will be nothing like Head Above the Clouds and will open him up to a wider audience.

On December 17 2012 SoSiK released his first commercial release titled FLAWLESS. Originally FLAWLESS had a very soulful approach. But as a independent artist clearing samples seem to be impossible since it was his first release and no big label to back him up or handle fees.
SoSiK decided to take a different route and not use samples for FLAWLESS. The production was handled by SoSiK himself and Thapriceless. FLAWLESS gain even more attention then Head Above The Clouds
Since it had a more mainstream feel to it. Also gain A&R's attention at Atlantic Records but he declined their offer to a record deal.

2013 to present Art Of Story Telling, Black America
Early 2013 SoSiK announce that he would release a new project titled Art Of Story Telling in October.
Also he announce that it will be going back to his sampling roots and it will be a free project for his fans since it had been so long and he was not doing remixes anymore. In July on his birthday SoSiK went to twitter to announce he also had material for a full album and the name of the album would be Black America. His fans currently awaited his anticipated project Art Of Story Telling and more news on Black America.


Cover Beast
Head Above The Clouds
Art Of Story Telling
Black America

Set List

Run This
Make it Clap
Livin past A hundred