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Listen to his lyrics, you can feel that he is speaking from his soul. Sincere does music for the love of it, not money or the fame. Sincere reps New Orleans with his spoken word and deep lyrics.


Sincere came to Texas with other Katrina Victims and he has learned how to make a bad situation turn good. He started by doing only spoken word accapella style. So rapping was diff from Sincere. This one fact would make Sincere on of the best rappers in Texas.

When Sincere raps, he hits the beat in a way that only he could do. He takes all this passion from his spoken word and puts over a music. Anyone who listens to his songs have no choice but to be drawn in to his world.

Sincere likes to either start or finish his sets with spoken word.


Sincere was feat on "Do It Big then Vol 1"
Hit Tracks
-Out of Reach feat AT of Kiatoic records
-Talk that Sh*t feat Lee Money