So So Modern

So So Modern


So So Modern consists of four friends from Wellington New Zealand. Together we love to tell tales, construct fables and fabricate parodies of the future through song.Formed in December 2004, as a means to cure symptoms of boredom, we became a conglomerate of smiles and thumbs turned sky high


So So Modern are a four piece band formed in Wellington in December 2004. They are best described as a rabid mix of electronic & punk.
SSM have toured extensively throughout NZ since late 2005. They have played with many international touring bands such as The Plot to Blow Up The Eiffel Tower (San Diego), The Kills (New York), Deerhoof (San Francisco), Weird War (Washington DC), Alps (Sydney) and have also played along side many NZ acts such as This Night Creeps, Disasteradio, Chris Knox & The Nothing, Cut Off Your Hands to name a few.

SSM have self released 4 singles since their inception which have all sold out. They were nominated in last years BNET awards in the “Break through Artist of the Year” category.

In March 07 they attended the prestigious South By South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas. After their showcase the band continued touring through the US before heading to UK & Europe.

The band are currently on tour with Show Is The Rainbow in the USA before heading home in early May.


ep0001 (Nov 05)
Loose Threads and Theremins
The Untimely Demise of…

ep0002 (Apr 06)
The New Internationale
Future Cities

ep0003 (Sept 06)
Upgrade Your Chassis (it’s a Pythagorean Party)

ep0000 (Feb 07)

Friendly Fire (May 07)
Fire Fights
Skeleton Dance
Turn This Landscape Upside Down
Vulture Kisses
Keychain Dolphins
The Love Code