If the chicken crossed the road while listening to Coldplay on his iPod, and he caught The Strokes covering a Led Zepplin song opening up a show that Smashing Pumpkins was headlining, that would be a "s.o.stereo." moment.


Their motto: “Make it hard to hate”. Their name: “s.o.stereo.”. They didn’t think of bottling water but they did think about making timeless music, which they jokingly claim to be just as important. The band “s.o.stereo.” or “save our stereo” began as a project to do exactly that. Tired of repetitive and passionless songs being the norm, the three got together and have set out in an effort to bring individuality back into the foreground. The band strives for organic compisitions through the use of raw instrumentation and pure emotion. “It’s not about being complicated, it’s about being concise” says Brandon Furr, the bass player. In talking with the group Jimmy Meyers (percussion) states “If the song is going to be something or make some kind of statement, it is not our job to figure out what that is but moreso to just let it speak for itself.” In agreeance with Meyers, Bradley Davis (guitar/voice) adds “I feel that to the bottom of our souls we are musicians, and therefore only vehicles through which we should allow the music to reveal itself.” It would seem these three know what they want but before even bringing up the issue of their music they first mention the fans who inspire them, and the friendship the three share. Perhaps the most difficult part of the interview was to get the three to stay on subject and sit in one place. Nonetheless, there is a genuine sense of concern for the world at large that overwhlems all those who come in contact with them. (Robert Ingel – Reflection Sound)


s.o.stereo.- "The Brighter Light of August." (c) 2006

Set List

Set list is 2-2.5 hours, however it can be shortened as needed.

Then The Fire Started
Just Like a Stone
The Difference of us
Mrs. Gray
Almost Alive
Golden and Gorgeous
In Regards to our Disagreement Earlier
Don't You Feel it Here
Disco Blues
Already Yours
All Because
Between us
At Your Mercy
Can I Stay Here
How Many Times

We can play up to 4 hours of material including covers.