Sothen is an alternative rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band was formed in 2003 by leed guitarist and songwriter Reggie Measuresworth out of an absolute need to express fire and color and charms and.... melodies.

Sothen is gearing up for winter shows and radio broadcasts in 2007 to promote their debut CD: Lookatchurself Reggie Measuresworth.

Reggie Measuresworth was three when he saw a man on TV playing violin.... a white violin. He knew right then and there he wanted to play music on the violin. When Reggie was ten he decided it was time to play guitar. So he picked up one of those nylon stringed jobs and scratched the hell out of it with a nifty home-made pick crafted from a surgical tape dispenser. But lo and behold, that thing was only good enough to last a few measly months. So his cousin gave him a sparkly blue six stringed electric that didn't work so good. And so began the obsession. First there were the tape to tape experiments. Then to the 4 track tape explorations and onward to a small music college in the Northeast. Jazz music was discovered and the rock music was shoved into the back seat.. waaay back. It wasn't until Reggie had been in New York City for a few years that he slowly returned to the rock music he oh so loved in his youth.

Loomuico Valdado was born in Eugene, Oregon. He studied violin and voice from age 5, switched to trumpet, guitar, electric bass and finally acoustic bass at 15. He studied at Berklee College of Music from '85-'90. Moved to New York City in '95, then to Barcelona, Spain in '97 and back to NYC in 2003. He has recorded and/or performed with Chris Cheek, Bill McHenry, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pat Metheny, Sonny Fortune, Richie Cole, Arturo O'Farill, Mike Mossmen, Horacio "El Negro" Henandez, Jorge Rossi, Jeff Ballard, Jerry Gonzalez, Sheila Jordan, Mark Turner, Edward Simon, Andy Sanesi, and many, many others.

Chulito del Fuego was infected with rhythm from the age of three. After destroying his mother's pots and pans he would frequent his neigbors basement which held the holy grail of his youth- a red sparkle drum set. While his little buddies struggled with the instrument Chulito could just do it, and he's been doing it ever since.


The Red

Written By: Jonathan Townes

The Red
Will see through
The Red
Will see you

No thing on you
Blame me you'd do
Know me my mood
Tell me I'd brood
Old way and new
Time will show you
Bend me lay back
On you saying

Your pain I'll buy
My drug we'll fly
Torment on me
All red won't see
Know you I lie
Get through I die
Hold me lay back
One more saying


Written By: Jonathan Townes

You've got some nerve comin' back to me
I don't know how you get by

How did you know comin' back to me
Would strike a flame up set my heart so free
I try it once then I try it again
I don't know why I can't cry

This thing you do it's just like A-D-D
Want you to listen but your mind's on three
Repeat it once I repeat it again
And I know how your mind tries

You say you listen but the mouth don't stop
The thing's you talkin' like my body's just a prop
One minute's this now we're together again
I don't know where the time flies

Fry me some bacon griddle up some cheese
I'm not believin' that you're back to three
This thing you got it's just like A-D-D
I don't know why I even try

She's got some nerve comin' back to me

Wanna Be

Written By: Jonathan Townes

I don't want a cheesecake
Or a new menu
I don't want a little hat

I don't want a phony
Fuzzy pony
I don't want a baby cat

I don't want a cupcake
In the hotel lobby
I don't think you're gettin' fat

I don't want a cheesecake
Cheesecake menu
I just wanna drop the act

So tell me
I just wanna be myself
Around someone
I just wanna be really glad
About someone
I just wanna be the boy
Who has someone
I just wanna be really mad
For a girl

I don't wanna flirt with
Fuckin' gorgeous supermodels
I don't wanna do that dance

I don't wanna pose through
Shoppin' on the avenue
I don't wanna wear those pants

I don't wanna be some
Over anxious super-ego
I don't wanna live like that

I don't wanna be a
Fuckin' gorgeous supermodel
I just wanna drop the act .


Written By: Jonathan Townes

Light flows all way
Moving farther
Time goes all day
Seeming farther
My mind feel you
Can see farther
You're tough I pray
When it can break

Right can see see you
Right can blow away
Right can be you
Right can flow away

Trusting far away
And I see the strain
Will not fear the rain
And I'm gone blown away

Flying no way
Then reach farther
Trying grab space
Then see farther
Lashing out blue
Receive farther
Your eyes I pray
Do not delay

I can't recall name

Frozen Lawn

Written By: Jonathan Townes

Promise I'll always be by
I'll only go when you fall asleep
Won't stay the night

I'm yours when you look in my eyes
When you look away I'm fully free
Gotta seem right

Things I say forever to you
Turn your back whisper words too cruel
Wanna speak right

Got it down with you I'm so true
I know that you'll bring me to my knees
But not tonight
No, not tonight

Won't get by
On a frozen lawn
They won't get by

Waking time words I deny
Now I think that you know the truth
Gotta get by

Knew your heart more I would buy
Soften pain that I know you keep
Wanna do right

Push it back behind one more door
Try and fight, we're drowning in the deep
Wanna get dry

Fixed me don't I'll do it again
Keep you close and never make you weep
I think it's alright
I think we'll get by


Lookatchurself Reggie Measuresworth

Set List

Frozen Lawn
The Red
I Can See
A Coming Down Life
Wanna Be