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Sons of Thunder

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Sons of Thunder is a Revolutionized Hip Hop group spreading the message of Jesus Christ through impressive lyrics and attractive beats. Excellence, power, and anointing mark the group as a legitimate upcoming force in the industry.


XO, Youngpastor, Golden Child, Catalyst and AY (The Sons of Thunder) are bent on seeing the minds of oppressed people all over the world totally freed from the Slavery of Sin that has bound societies for too long. Poverty strikes the nations, disease ravages the people, and humanism has destroyed the love in millions of hearts...but there is HOPE! We believe that SALVATION can enter any situation once the options are presented. Our mission: live that option, become that option, provide that option, and teach that option. In doing so, we can “REVOLUTIONIZE THE WORLD.”

The group was formed in 2002 by XO and the ranks quickly swelled to include the current line-up. Each member attends Victory Christian Ministries International in Clinton, Maryland under the direction of Pastors Tony and Cynthia Brazelton. Sons of Thunder have a special affinity with their Pastors, who taught them the life lesson of being excellent and doing everything unto God.

Sons of Thunder believes that their music has great impact on today’s youth. All of their music, tracks, and lyrics are original and deal with many aspects that men and women go through, including pressure, poverty, sickness, sex, standing up for what you believe in, and the power of the one true God. Sons of Thunder believes in versatility and delivering a message untouched, ignored, and unknown by many other Hip Hop artists. Sons of Thunder will continue to wage war against Satan and negative ideals with their music.



Live or Die
Caught Up

In the studio recording self-titled debut.

Set List

We have enough material to do a set for 120 minutes.