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All of the above. Souf Paw produces everything from hip hop, R&B, alternative, gospel, soft rock, and pop.... All in one group.


If there was one word that describes Souf Paw Records, it would have to be "BLESSED". Jamin Fishback (aka Realtalc), raised in Houston, Tx began his music career before he learned to walk. Raised in church and mother being a member of the chior , realtalc seemed to always, somehow, get involved in musical productions. Sometimes as baby Jesus, sometimes playin the role of a baby donkey. But as he grew also did his musical inspirations. Becoming a member of kids, youth, and adult chior, a violinist, and high school drummer, he felt that all his years in and around music were for purpose. At the age of fourteen, he took his art form from singing to rythym and poetry. He and a group of church friends formed a gospel rap group enjtitled"Truthsend". Truthsend would go on to compete in National Fine Arts Festival Competition and win two years in a row. After Two years of success, Truthsend would go on to perform at local events in the Houston area, churches, Juneteenth concerts, westfest, and many more.
High School was over and college was here, Truthsend seperated after three years, but the love for music still exist in them all. Jamin Fishback then decided to get back into the music business after about a year in a half of Thruthsend's seperation but didnt know where to start. Casual writing and performing for friends led him to inspire and good friend of his. Jb co -ceo os Souf Paw Records saw potential in his product and was willing to take his talent to the next level. Souf Paw would define the name of both realtalc and Jb being as both members are left handed. Work, work and more work, was all that Souf Paw knew. How can 22 and 23 year old kids run a record label? Work, work and more work became an instinct for the two Ceo's. Paperwork, advertising, marketing, distributions, writing, recording, performing, producing and engineering were all form of work ethics pertained by the two Souf Paw members. After a few months of reasearch, in the month of May 2007, Souf Paw was now an official Label. We then grew linking up with members such as bambino of Bam ent, who worked with such artist as "Bertell" with Black Baby inc., I-Will with Jab Productions, R&B group Ideal, Brian Cox, Trae the Truth and many more. A good friend of Jb's, an artist by the name of Rob J would then become an affiliate member of Souf Paw. Rob J hosts his own night @ House Of Blues in L.A., A main feature performer on the Military Entertainment Tour, and voted top 100 unsigned artist in Source magazine 07',. Butcho, a living legend of "Street Leaug Ent" and Shano of "Benjamin Ent" Souf Paw now has a complete unit that cant be stopped. Whether its hip hop/ rap, R&B, gospel, alternative or soft rock, Souf Paw fills the pocket of production to all cultures no matter background or race. Music is Music....


The Movement vol.1 (Souf Paw's Mixalbulm) Hits: "TICKALEENANCY" #1Club Joint 2008- video coming soon/Online airplay/ Live venue performances...
"TEMPTATION" Fan favorite!!- media play/ what houston's been missing-ozone magazine...

Set List

Intro: Past 2 Present. 1: TickaleeNancy 2: Put Yo Hood Up 3: #1Girl 4: So Seriuos (Mixtape Track) 5: Miss U 6: Heavy N D Chevy 7:West Up 8:Temptation
9: Break Up 10: 8 Bars of Fire