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Damn it Hurts

Written By: Souhad Saba

Damn it hurts
to want you so bad
I've tried so hard
to push you away
But I can't imagine
you'll be gone
What do I want,
when love controls?
What do I fear,
when my dreams you own?
Where can I go,
when you're all I want?
Why do I run,
when love does not hide?
Where are you now,
you're not in sight?

Damn it hurts to want you so bad
If only love wasn't sad
Memories are driving me mad
You were once all that I had

Your name stuck to every love song
If only my heart knew it was wrong
Maybe then,
love wouldn't be so strong
To weigh me down for so long


Gone The Next Day

Written By: Souhad Saba

It's as though
You're pushing me away
No longer wanting me to stay
Don't think about it too much
I could be gone
The very next day.

You think you know what you want
You just don't know how to show it
I think you've got what you need
And you just don't know it
Take a deep breath
Watch what you do
Everything counts
Not just what you want to


I maybe here today
Quiet, content...
But watch your step
I won't stand any disrespect
What ever you ask for
You've got it
Loves about sharing and giving
Not taking

I was all your eyes could handle
I was all your lips could mumble
I was all your body needed
to crumble
Tell me why
those days were numbered?