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I would say I have a very unique sound, I can be both commercial and lyrical. Im versatile and I love doing music.


An aspiring rapper, hip-hop head, artist extraordinaire. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY Soul is 21 years old and a rare find in the world of Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B. His soulful, young and vibrant voice spits out lyrics that are a reflection of the things he sees and thinks about...Off the top, off the cuff, off the dome. Much like his inspiration, Kanye West. With a wild imagination full of metaphorical and lyrical hooks and lines, he's someone to watch out for. Just be sure to keep your eyes up to the sky cause he's rising to the top. His love of Hip Hop has inspired him to go beyond the every day so called "artists" out there that are mass produced but don't put out quality music. Soul plans to change this. Always open to collaborations with new artists, Soul feeds off positive energy. So if you have it, bring it.


Genius Sounds Family LP
The Find. The Fall. The Ground. EP

Set List

Shades Of Green
Black Joint
Look Up
Dance & Party
Who Am I?