Soul Army explores the relationships between, funk, jazz, rhythm and blues, hip-hop and world music. SoulArmy is a high energy instrumental group good for dancing or listening.


SoulArmy is a group consisting of some of central Virginia's finest, funk, jazz, and world musicians. The group was formed in early 2007 and quickly gained a strong local and regional interest. The group continues to perform at venues in Richmond, Charlottesville, Newport News, Virginia and Washington DC on a regular basis. Their first EP, entitled 'Human Revolution' features all original material by saxophonist and leader, Jason Gay. The tunes cover many genres of music and appeal to a very diverse listening audience. The group's performances are characterized by solid grooves, a strong pocket, and showcases the formidable improvising talents of each member.


Soul Army EP - 'Human Revolution'

Set List

Soul Army
Human Revolution
Walking on the Moon - cover
Hey Joe - cover
Dani California - cover
Wine, women and song
Barak Obama
we can do a full show, 3 hours, no problem.