One of the hottest new bands out of Seattle.
They have great compositional skills and
There playing styles are masterful.


Timothy Paul Horiuchi,
Drums & Percussion

Tim was born and raised around the Arts & Music. He began Playing Piano at the age of 7. He received a certificate by the Robert Pace Piano program at the age of 9.

Tim Started Playing Drum set at the age of 11, his first teacher was Louis Wilcox, He stayed with Mr. Wilcox till the age of 14. Then started his first Band and then continued on playing in various bands around the Seattle area until the age of 21. He then enrolled into the Cornish School of Allied Arts. Where he was exposed to Jazz. Tim played in various ensembles and studied in Music appreciation, Jazz History and Rhythm and Music theory classes, he had private instructions on Drum set with Jerry Grannelli and Jon Bahlman.

Tim then started to add to his percussion vocabulary by studying Orchestral Percussion from Michael Clark of the Seattle Symphony. Tim incorporated orchestral percussion to the drum set.

Tim also has studied “The Time Frame Concept” with Steve Smith @ the Seattle Drum School. Tim has also had various teachers on Hand drums and Latin percussion.

Tim took his knowledge of the drum set & percussions and played in as many situations as he could. He enjoys challenging himself with many different styles on drum set and percussion.

Tim is also a J-Town Sound recording artist. He played percussion on “The Seattle Groove” CD in 1998. And in the year 2000 played percussions on the CD “Love West” by Deems and Seattle Groove and in 2002 Tim is playing percussion on Deems and Seattle Grooves CD. “My music loves Christmas”

In 1995 Tim built a Project recording studio and took classes on audio engineering and sound design. Tim as an engineer completed his first CD in the year 2000. “On My Way” By Blue Meadows. Tim was also featured on Drum set and Percussion on various tracks

In 2002 Tim Recorded on Drum set and Percussion for his own CD Project Titled SOULATUDE “ The Soul has an Attitude” Also on J-Town Sound.

You can catch Tim on stage in the Studio or just Practicing.

Deems Tsutakawa,
Grand Piano, Keyboards, & Bass

"My music is a reflection of my life," says Deems Tsutakawa, jazz pianist. "I think you'll find my music warm and friendly." A native of Seattle, Washington, Deems is the second son of world famous artist, George Tsutakawa. He began playing piano at the age of five and won the annual Washington State Music Teachers Association Award at the age of nine. Deems originally played classical music but in high school turned his attention to jazz."I fell in love with rhythm & blues and soul, which led me to jazz. These American music forms reflect my personality perfectly."
During Deems' formative years, music was pure and artists performed with great conviction. Artists expressed their inner souls, never worrying about what recording executives wanted to hear. He grew up on a diet of Verve, CTI, Motown and Atlantic, inspired by the musicians who were most able to express their artistic freedom. It was this foundation that Deems was able to develop his own genuine style. A unique style in which he can play any groove and you'd instantly know it was Deems. The sound he writes, arranges and produces is truly enchanting and deep from his heart. He touches your emotions with his music.His passion to perform and write continued to grow from his early days at nightclubs in Central Seattle and the International District to worldwide concert halls and clubs, from Tokyo, Japan to London, England. He has had the pleasure of working with recording stars Kenny G, Roy Ayers, Tony Gable, Julian Priester as well as opening concerts for Spyro Gyra, Hiroshima and Maynard Ferguson.Deems' desire to be heard on a much broader scope, spurred him to start his own label, J-Town Records in 1982. His first release, DEEMS, was chosen by Dr. Herbert Wong (nationally known jazz educator) to be on the "Top 20", Vital Jazz Vinyl. Deems was in good company right along with veterans Ron Carter, Miles Davis and Bill Evans. Dr. Herbert Wong writes, "Deems is a strongly melodic writer and an even stronger player . . . he gets a gorgeous sound and somehow betrays a secret he has discovered in creating a beautiful crystalline quality." His second album, LIVING DEEMS, launched the hit single, Tough Tofu. His third album, THE PLANET DEEMS, was released jointly with the late NastyMix Label. DEEMS PLAYS FOR LOVERS, is his fourth release, followed by SEATTLE GROOVE, LOVE WEST, and his very latest release L.A. LIVE.His live performances are not to be missed. A true live entertainer, Deems' music is electrifying and the visual animation of the artist is captivating. The bandleader says of himself, "I feel that my exuberance is infectious to the audience as well as the other musicians in my band."Experience the mysterious universe of Deems, where his music recognizes no boundaries.

Gordon Uchima, Saxophones

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. After graduating from the University of H


"The soul has an Attitude"
J-Town Sound--2002

Set List

3-45 min. Sets
1.How would you know
2.Sassy Love
3.People make the world go round
4.Carnaval of the Soul
5.Cool Guy
6.Late nite strutt
7.Crazy for you
8.The way
9.The things we do
10.By the time
11.The Soul