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Soul Candy

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Soul Candy is a Seattle-based band that delivers a variety of sounds from fast rock tunes, danceable beats, catchy vocals and epic ballads. Though highly influenced by Japanese Rock & Animation, Soul Candy goes beyond that and provides a different kind of flavor in their music & live performances.


Soul Candy is a Seattle-based band consisting for 4 talented musicians that bonded through their love of music and anime. They formed in July 2008 as a 5 piece band to perform for a local Filipino festival called Pista Sa Nayon. After being received positively by the audience, they were approached by Aki Con, a local convention to perform as musical guests for their debut year. Since then, they have gotten the opportunities to perform at conventions such as SakuraCon in Seattle, Anime Evolution in the new Convention Centre in Vancouver, Canada and Kumoricon in Portland, Oregon. This year also brought great things to the band as they release their self entitled debut EP, 'Soul Candy', that consists of 5 original tracks that boasts a variety of sounds from fast rock, danceable beats, catchy vocals and an epic ballad. As the four member band from Seattle call their music “otaku rock,” the EP will appeal to many fans of Japanese animation. Their new songs are influenced by anime, but Soul Candy’s sound goes beyond just anime. With influences of music of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Asian pop, the diverse variety of sounds of rock, riffs and vocals will attract the attention of folks looking for a different kind of CD. As a perfect way to debut this CD, Soul Candy released it at Aki Con 2009 in November (, exactly one year after the debut show that helped get their start. The band will perform a concert there, debuting their new album songs live. In addition, Soul Candy will also be a part of a Q and A session at the convention along with other musical guests, followed by an autograph session. CDs will be sold at their own booth at Aki Con, where interested fans can obtain more information, get autographs or just chat informally with the band. Other confirmed shows include a concert at Anime Oasis in Boise, Idaho ( in May 2010 at the Qwest Arena. Other planned shows for 2010 include Anime Evolution (, and Pista Sa Nayon (a Filipino Festival in Seattle).


Soul Candy EP

Set List

My Will (I Will)
A Rough Kind of Love
Ryuusei (English)
Ryuusei (Japanese)

Rose - Anna Tsuchiya Cover
Zero - Anna Tsuchiya Cover
Distance - Long Shot Party
Paper Moon - Tommy Heavenly Cover
Duvet - Boa Cover
Mune Ga Doki Doki --Ramonesque version (Detective Conan)
Tonight Tonight Tonight - Beat Crusaders Cover
Hit in the USA - Beat Crusaders
My World Down- Beat Crusaders Cover
H.T. (instrumental) (Trigun)
Haruka Kanata (Naruto)