Soul Casket

Soul Casket


Soul Casket is a dark, heavy-hitting, groovy quintet that lays thick, metallic rhythm down behind full, captivating keyboards and angellic vocals. Together, a dark blue wall of sound is created that will surround, captivate, and force any audience to feel.


Everyone hears something different in each song on the Soul Casket playlist. Some have said they've heard Mushroomhead. Some say Lacuna Coil. Others have said things like Faith No More and Tool. The bottom line is simple: with so many of our varied influences being brought to the songwriting table, there isn't any one well-known band to compare us to.

Together, we find a deep groove, a wall of sound, and short spurts of speed and silence that make each song different from the next.

Our work ethic and loyalty to our fellow bands has made us one of the more respected bands on the Cincinnati metal scene, even though we aren't nearly as heavy as some of our brethren. We have shared stages with many bands in our short history, and melded well with each of them. There is not one club that we've played that has been disappointed with our performances and promotion. This is evident in how many times we are asked back to perform again. Some clubs for reference are Sudsy Malone's, Joey V's, Never On Sunday, and the Wooden Horse.

In early 2004, Soul Casket was invited to join the newly formed Peace Or Die Records (, a label born and bred in the city, consisting of bands ranging from heavy metal to punk to thrash. By mid-summer, Soul Casket was hailed as the first step towards the major distribution deal signed between Peace Or Die and Canada's NeoBlast Records ( when the heads of Peace Or Die were contacted in an effort to inquire about the band.

Altogether, Soul Casket are a hard-working, audience-minded band that thrives on keeping the crowd interested and involved.


Currently, Soul Casket are planning to return to the studio to re-record the unfinished tracks from our first attempt at an album. The decision to re-record was made after making a few changes to the line-up that we believe round out the band with more of a musicianship-like quality.

3 songs from this upcoming release are available for preview online and can be found on websites such as MySpace (, (, and the Unsigned Music Network (

Just about all the tracks, including instrumental versions, can be found on our website:

Set List

The Soul Casket setlist (as of 3.15.05) normally runs about 45 minutes to just over an hour. We normally mix covers into the setlist, but if short on time, the covers are the first to be removed from the set.

Original songs:
1. Twisted
2. Both Eyes Closed
3. Mirror
4. Lullabye
5. Drown
6. Where I'm Going
7. Stalemate
8. Consent
9. Anyway