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"Soulcrate Music Cardboard Cut Outs Vol. 1"

In case you haven't yet heard of Soulcrate Music they consist of 2 MC's, Dirt Dee and A Def, along with their dj, DJ Absolute. Hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Soulcrate proves that music has no boundaries and does not discriminate. I did a Grieves interview back in August and got a lot of good feedback and praise for it, including props from none other than Soulcrate. At the time I figured they were just another "dime a dozen band" wanting an interview. 2 months later at the Grieves, Mac Lethal and Soulcrate concert I realized that they're far from my initial thoughts of them. The connection from their music to my ear drums was instantly made. Their live show was amazing! That says a lot because providing a solid live show can be challenging at times for certain bands. Their 9 song EP "Cardboard Cut Outs No.1" provides great music that you can listen to any time. Which for me is key. I have a lot of music I just listen to when I'm in certain moods but "Cardboard Cut Outs No.1" is far from being flat and one-note. The first song of the album "Cardboard Intro" helps set up and build the momentum for the rest of the album with a soulful-esque instrumental. The second song "Border Line, Sort Of Live" is what will get you hooked on these guys! With the line "Border line, sort of live, get together organize", it's definitely the most catchy hook on the album. The 3rd song "Rap Music From The Middle Of Nowhere" helps you see where these guys are coming from and establishes an understanding with them and their surroundings. The 5th track "Save A Horse Kill A Cowboy" featuring Mac Lethal, shows off these guys' sense of humor. Mac Lethal shows that they're humble and willing to make fun of themselves with the line "The bottom like a Sioux Falls music fan that didn't see Soulcrate record until they opened up for 311". The 7th track "Novocaine Rain" is definitely my favorite song. When I first heard the song I thought it sounded eerily familiar and then I realized it was produced by Grieves. I heard the beat a few months back on Grieves' Myspace page and I'm glad Soulcrate chose to use it because it fits the lyrics perfectly. This album will definitely be a welcome surprise, especially if you like underground hip hop. You can check Soulcrate out on their myspace page or their website and be sure to pick up a copy of "Cardboard Cut Outs No.1"! -


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