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Soulcyde Music

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Vocal dexterity blended with innovative guitar, mixed with the exotic and delivered from the soul side of their hearts, makes a performance by Soulcyde an evening of thrilling, floor filling, emotionally charged entertainment. Find your Soulcyde


Natz & Toshi met in an East London Studio back in 2001. They recall connecting with each other, sharing the feeling of a meeting from a past life. On their first meeting they spoke about their love of "real" music, sang and played for each other exchanged numbers and the rest is musical history.

Natz, proclaims her love for singing live, meeting her audience and taking the stage with Toshi. She cites Mahalia Jackson, Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, Steve Tyler and Al Green as her vocal heroes. She is credited with writing a meaty portion of "Inclusive" their debut album.

Toshi, native to Japan has always been driven by music, he fell in love with the guitar whilst at school in leafy Suffolk. A complete music-man loving everything from Joe Satriani, George Clinton, Prince, D'Angelo and The Rolling Stones.

Their sound is described as soulful rock, although they have slipped in a couple of reggae tracks just on their debut album "inclusive" just for the hell of it. Their songs highlight addiction, misunderstandings, hope, insecurities and of course love.

Recently BBC Radio London caught the magic that is Soulcyde Live on air- they performed and watched the switchboard light up with calls from fans and well wishers. Interviewed by an impressed Geoff Schumann who stated "Soulcyde were Britain's best kept secret". This reaction was again mirrored by a later interview on BBC Southern Counties Radio where Soulcyde performed an up close and personal "Live Foyer" sessions.

Soulcyde are supporters of the charity Keep A Child Alive for whom they dedicated the proceeds from their record "Heaven Can Wait". The charity supports children who are HIV/AIDS infected.


Hurricane: Yet to be released, Hurricane has sold 300 copies and has been charted by Genesis FM, Rhythm FM and Sweet FM radio.

Heaven Can Wait: The single has sold 170 copies over two gigs. The money was donated to Keep A Child Alive the Charity for children with HIV and AIDs,

How Is It: Has attracted much attention from professional Pluggers, White Noise and KAM Rock in the USA who want to feature the track. Feedback from UK radio has been extremely positive and it charted in the top ten of the Australian ILR play list

Good Ole Funking: Has been selected for the forth coming Afrika Bambaataa Album

Inclusive (Album): A conceptual debut album advance copies now available online at CD Baby and Rough Trade.

Set List

"Call me"- a straight up modern Stax offering

"Moth to the light"- a soul-fledged/latin number

"What's it gonna be?" - Soulful/Rock

"1/2 packed" - Soulful delight

"Good Ole Funkin" - Upbeat dance track