The new SOULDECEIVER album, "THE CURIOUS TRICKS OF MIND" defined as "grooving" but still aggressive, an album by constant "head banging".


Souldeceiver were born at the beginning of 2007 from the head of Federico Cecchini and Claudio Nucci (first singer of the band ). Some weeks later they called Luca Mosti, Alessio Rossano (guitars) and Federico Crovetti (bass). They worked hardly for the demo CD that came out with 5 tracks ( PERSONAL MASSIVE RESEARCH ), in which you can find various influences, mainly Death metal Shouldiner's school with swedish melodic parts. This demo obtained very good responses from online reviews and Grindzone gave 7/10 and many compliments. In 2008 the band worked on the first full length and promoted the demo with live performances in Tuscany and places around. On august 2008 Claudio left the band and the guys called their friend Francesco Meo that were singing in a death black metal band in the same city. The month later they entered in studio FP (Freddy Delirio, Death SS Keyboard) to record the CD, with new influences and more ideas to enrich the sound. MANKIND'S MISTAKES is composed in 9 tracks and was released on august 2009 from the label SG RECORDS. After, Federico Crovetti decided to leave the band and Edoardo Teani took over. In March 2010 the band went on a European tour to support Necrodeath, historical Italian band. On september 2010 the band recorded a new Cd THE CURIOUS TRICKS OF MIND. With the new work, Souldeceiver have strengthened their musical proposal with the use of 7-string guitars. The new album, definitely more personal than the previous one, takes full advantage of the new sounds undertaken using new influences as bands that have nothing to do with the death classic: there is a decrease in the extremely fast parts, but at the same time we find some Trash rhythms and guitar solos. This is an album where there is a strong connection between lyrics and music. "THE CURIOUS TRICKS OF MIND" defined as "grooving" but still aggressive, an album by constant "head banging". This album was released in April 2011 for Nadir Music, and distributed by “AUDIOGLOBE” ( in Europe and by “THE END” ( in USA.